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9mm Brass Bullet Casing Push Pins
These 9mm bullet casing push pins not only make a statement, but are functional as well. Manufactured from once-fired, American made 9mm bullet casings, these truly are an American product. The push pins are completely safe and do not have live primers, or gun powder.
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AvoSeedo Avocado Tree Growing Kit
Can you grow an avocado tree without the Avoseedo? Of course you can, but the Avoseedo just makes it simple and pretty much foolproof. Place the seed flat side down, fill a tub with water, and let the Avoseedo do all the rest. You'll have a tree in 3-6 weeks.
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Stark In The Streets, Wildling In The Sheets
Show off your love for Game of Thrones while trying to convince your friends and complete strangers that you're having sex with this shirt.
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Rock Speaker by Klipsch
If you think this speaker makes for a convincing rock, you might have been dropped on your head too many times as a baby. But don't let that stop you from buying one using our affiliate id.
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Picopen - Mini-ballpoint Pen with Magnetized Keychain Holder
Ideal for key chains, backpacks, powerful magnet holds pen in place. Super small handy size, designed for years of dependable use.
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PicoBrew Zymatic Home Brewing System
The world’s first, fully automatic all-grain beer brewing appliance. Heavy duty construction and precision technology create consistently delicious craft beer. Import recipes using beer XML or create your own using the custom recipe crafter software.
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Eva Solo Bird Feeder
The Eva Solo Bird feeder is made of glass and is mounted directly on the window-pane. It has an opening which makes it easy for small garden birds to settle on the glass rim and feed, while the clear glass gives you every opportunity to study the different birds close up.
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Truck Bed Clamp-On Tie-Down Anchors
You have a truck, you need to tie down your load, but you don't have any dedicated tie-downs because your truck is mostly for looks and your wiener is small. What is a man to do? Never fear, these Lee-Valley clamp-on tie-downs will come to your rescue.
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Masterpiece Cat Scratching Posts
When my cats attacked an embroidered painting at home, I was able to see the humor in it, resulting in the idea for the Copycat Art Scratcher. After much investigation, we have found a technique to copy masterpieces onto sisal, resulting in a painting allowed to be scratched.
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Golden Girls Leggings
Consisting solely of a cast above age 50, the sitcom about friendship, love, triumph, and tragedy was light-years ahead of its time. Similarly, these leggings are poppin'.
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The Holding Cell
Lazy geniuses rejoice. The Holding Cell is the ultimate bedside cell phone holder that is simple to use and can be mounted bedside by sliding the panel under the mattress so your phone is always within arms reach, and usable one handed.
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