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Santa Hates You Christmas Card
Santa hates you. Or does he? Open the accordion-folded card, and see that you are actually one of his favorites.
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Muscle Suits
Have the body you deserve. The Standard Muscle Suit provides a nice athletic tone and build that would fit a Spiderman style costume.
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Casper Dog Mattress
Engineered by the same team behind the Casper mattress, our durable dog mattress is a perfect sleep environment designed around dog behavior.
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Exotic Predator Jerky Gift Pack
This Exotic Jerky Predator Sampler makes the perfect gift. Our Jerky is hand made and fresh. Includes 1 bag of Python, 1 bag of Alligator and 1 bag of Mako Shark.
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Dicecal RPG Dice Desk Calendar
So.. you're on the lookout for a gift for your kinda nerdy husband/boyfriend/friend? Also thinking of something practical? How about a calendar? It can also be used as dice for all gamers & nerds, so it's not just geeky but quite practical too! :)
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Hail Santa Enamel Pins
This year I decided to do Hail Santa enamel pins instead of patches! This is a soft enamel pin plated in black measuring 1.25" in width. It has one post with a black rubber clutch.
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Personalized Letter From Santa
Each letter is hand dyed and embossed with the official seal of Santa's Workshop. It comes wrapped with a hand pressed red wax Santa Seal.
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Tetris Alarm Clock
The game that helped millions of players pass the time now keeps time. Utilizes the games falling block motif in a visually exciting new way. Display shows time using numbers built out of falling Tetris blocks.
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KLAX - Lightweight Multi-Tool Axe
The Feller KLAX is the answer for anyone who wants the utility of carrying an ax on their adventure but doesn’t want to actually carry one because of the weight and bulk. The KLAX is a reinvented tomahawk, with a host of added utility features.
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Night Riderz Backyard Zip Line Kit
The Night Riderz zipline kit extends your zipline fun into the night with 50 LED lights on the seat, rope and trolley. Brand 44 ziplines help improve strength and balance all while riding a just a few feet off the ground.
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Blanket Hogging Prevention Clamps
Domestic bliss for only $33. The composite rubber of the grip pad combined with the weight of the person lying on that side of the bed secures the clamp so well that it can withstand even the strongest pulls from your cover stealing partner.
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