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AeroShot Inhalable Caffeine
AeroLife™ Energy is an air-based shot of smart energy. It delivers a unique powdered blend of 100mg of caffeine, equivalent to a large cup of coffee, plus B vitamins, that starts working right away to strengthen mental focus—anytime, anyplace.
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Rugged Solar Powered Speaker
These highly portable, solar charging, IP67 water/dustproof, shockproof, daisy-chaining, bike/surf/sky-mountable bluetooth speakers take rugged sound to a whole new level: one that will impress adventurers & audiophiles alike.
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100 Essential Novels Scratch-Off Chart
Book-worms take notice, this scratch off chart lets you keep track of all the top 100 classics that you've read, not read, or have pretended to have read (your secret is safe with us.) Scratch off the gold foil to reveal the full cover when you've finished. Brilliant.
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Nhot Heat Sensitive Mug
Is that steaming cup of coffee hot or not, how ever could we tell? You could look at the steam, or taste it, or touch the mug... but if those options don't make you happy, now you can also use a heat sensitive mug to do your bidding. What a time to be alive.
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TerraDrop Off-Road Trailer
The TerraDrop marries the comfort and ease of a camping trailer, with the off road backcountry abilities of a tent. If you're one that takes your camping seriously, the TerraDrop won't disappoint. It is styled to fit in perfectly with modern and classic off-road capable vehicles.
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Brick Yourself - Personalized LEGO Minifigs
Deep down you know you've always wondered what you'd look like as a LEGO minifig. Well, now you have the chance to fulfill that curiosity. Send in a picture of yourself, a list of hobbies, likes, facts, and the resultant minifig will arrive in a frame for you to admire.
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Orochi the Dragon Night Light
Orochi is a baby dragon that stands 5 inches tall and 4 inches fat. He is ready to light up your world with his low consumption LED light bulb. He is capable of keeping you company at night with his kawaii smile.
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Cakemoji Cook Book
Cakemoji will bring your favorite emojis to life, in cake or cookie form. This fun recipe book includes clear instructions for the basic recipes, as well as all the essential techniques and full step-by-step photographs, to guide you through decorating your cakes and cookies.
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Bourbon Lollipops!
Bourbon is best straight up or on the rocks. Everyone knows that. So here’s the quick rundown: we’ve put sweetness in the sour mash, we’ve put Bourbon on a stick, we’ve made what may be the most All-American lollipop. You’re gonna love it.
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Roll Over Shooting Targets
Made in the USA form AR 500 steel plate, these plinkers will take a beating round after round every round! 3/8 thick plate ensures plenty of fun compared to lesser quality steels minimal performance. Cut using laser blanking machines and hand finished.
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PerioTwist - A Future without Flossing
You hate flossing, I hate flossing, everyone hates flossing, but flossing is important! Periotwist is a reusable anti-bacterial inter-dental cleaner that not only cleans but also can medicate the most neglected yet most important space in your mouth – between your teeth!
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