Mini Landscapes Stackable Rings
Adorn your knuckles with tiny landscapes by sporting these thoughtfully designed, hand painted House, Mountain, Tree, or Wave rings.
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LED Light-Up Sneakers
Why should kids get all the light-up shoes for themselves? These shoes put LEDs in the soles. Charge them via any mini-usb power source and they'll last 8-12 hours depending on the lighting mode. Push a button to change modes and to choose from 7 different colors.
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Apple Pie to Dirty Fart Prank Candle
Apple pie to dirty farts, baby powder to baby diaper, clean laundry to sweaty gym socks, fresh forest pine to skunk ass, these are a just a few of the prank candle options available from WTF Candles. Yes, they're real. The top 25% smells nice, the bottom 75% is prank scented.
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Make Your Own Panties Kit
Crafting takes a turn for the cheeky in this fun kit that includes everything you'll need to make your own adorable, polka-dotted bloomers.
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Child Safety Temporary Tattoos
For use by exceptionally irresponsible parents and guardians.
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The Ring Cam
Capture The “Yes”. Use a Ring Cam box to secretly record her reaction when you pop the question and treasure that moment forever.
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Carabiner Grappling Hook
Let's face it, we all need a folding grappling hook that has been load tested to 400Kg. You'll be so busy showing off to your friends you won't even notice the ambulance ride to the hospital.
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Motorized Crazy Cooler
Tired of carrying your cooler around? With a 4 stroke 49cc engine, wheelie bars, and disc brakes, this cooler will carry you and your picnic supplies over almost any type of terrain. Sand, dirt, grass, piles of rotting bodies... this cooler has you covered.
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Grammar Nazi Love
Consider this a preemptive "don't bother" for the people who just don't get it.
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Jumanji Board Game Replica
The game is created with real pine wood, resin casting and a load of paint, magnets and patience. The game comes complete with playing pieces, dice and fully working comparments to store them in that are magnetised so they stay closed.
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Exercise Cards
EXERCISE CARDS by WorkoutLabs is a fun and simple way to work out anywhere anytime! All you need is 20 minutes and your favorite place to exercise - your living room, the park or the gym - to get an intense workout that will help you get and stay in shape.
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