The World's Most Expensive Apple Watch
Contrary to popular belief, The World's Most Expensive Apple Watch isn’t reserved for those who enjoy wearing sunglasses inside, have a penchant for guap and previously dabbled in the trade of drugs. No, this phenomenal piece of bling can be enjoyed by all. Sorry, rappers.
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The Camp Champ Box
Weighing in at 154 pounds, this camp box is better resigned to car camping. It comes with everything you'll need (save the kitchen sink) to prepare gourmet meals in the woods, including: knives, spices, dishes, a multi-burner stove, Dobby the House Elf, pans, and more...
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Mario Warp Pipe Mug
Brimming with pixelated gaming nostalgia, just grab this iconic 8-bit brute by its chunky handle and take your hot drink experiences to the next level. It's also the perfect place to grow your Venus Flytrap.
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Titanium Pocket Bit : Key Ring Screwdriver
As crazy as it sounds, this is actually the world's 1st, solid titanium alloy double-sided screwdriver bit that both fits and functions on a titanium keyring. We like to think of them as tiny titanium pocket ninjas.
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Cordless LED Lamp Cube
Cordless and rechargeable, waterproof, shockproof, energy efficient LED lamp at home for indoors or outdoors. Perfect for brightening up backyard barbecues and setting a romantic atmosphere poolside,and it is designed to thrive in bad weather.
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UZI Tactical Defender 6 Pen
Unscrew the end of this solid aircraft grade aluminum pen to reveal the hidden handcuff key. The reverse side of the handcuff key serves as a glassbreaker tip. Great for when you're handcuffed in a car that happens to be sinking to the bottom of the ocean.
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Playbulb Garden Solar Lights
The LED lighting system operates with solar energy and when fully charged operates for up to 20 hours. All the snazzy colour changing business is controlled by a free app for your smartphone, and modes include rainbow, rainbow fading, pulsing, flashing, and candle light.
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Cannabis Killer Candle
Cannabis Killer is a candle that contains natural odor killer ingredients to remove the smell of marijuana. Light up this candle while smoking or vaping, cover up the door and open the window. Cannabis Killer is not an overpowering scent but rather a very light scent.
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All Crispy Corner Brownie Pan
Do you ever wish your brownies had more crispy edges? The crispy corner pan ensures that each brownie you bake has four crispy sides. After baking and cooling, flip the pan and gently tap to release brownies. Then pull apart for deliciously crispy confections.
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Scrabble Rug
This Scrabble rug might seem a little expensive at first, but when you realize how much it's going to get you laid the price suddenly seems totally reasonable. Made from high quality yarns so it'll likely outlast you.
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Rainbow Color Wheel Umbrella
Add a rainbow of color to a rainy day with this delightful full sized 24 rib multicolored wooden shaft (hehe, shaft...) umbrella, surrounding the user in every shade of the rainbow when open. Made of 100% nylon, except for dat shaft.
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