Hella Premium Crafted Slingshots
Go on and hit us with your best shot. On second thought…don’t. This Hella Slingshot is the real deal. It’s just like the wood weapons you used to make as a kid, but with an added touch of grown up craftsmanship.
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Stem Citrus Spritzer
When life gives you lemons, you should hope to have Stem in hand. It sprays juice directly from any citrus fruit with the press of a finger. No cutting, no skinning... just liquid zest for your food and drink that comes straight from the source.
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Chocolate Truffle Coal
For the naughty people on your list this year. A 6-piece bag of chocolate truffles: milk or dark chocolate ganache shaped like pieces of coal, rolled in black pearl cocoa powder.
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Chomping Shark Slippers
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water... Endowed with gaping jaws, razor sharp teeth and the ever-ominous dorsal fin; but instead of a stomach full of half-eaten sea creatures, you're treated to a luxuriously soft plush interior.
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How to Cook Everything Fast
In How to Cook Everything Fast, Mark Bittman provides a game plan for becoming a better, more intuitive cook while you wake up your weekly meal routine with 2,000 main dishes and accompaniments that are simple to make, globally inspired, and bursting with flavor.
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A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You A Lifetime
Machined from a solid piece of aluminum or brass, these mechanical pencils are made to last a lifetime. They come with extra packs of 0.5mm lead, extra erasers, and a removable clip. If you ever have an issue, send it back and it'll be fixed or replaced for free. Made in the USA.
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RFID Blocking Wallet
Each Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. RFID Blocking Wallet is made out of synthetic leather. This RFID Blocking Wallet blocks RFID signals, to help protect your stuff even more.
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Luci The Inflatable Solar Lantern
Luci weighs only 4 ounces and collapses to one inch thin. Whether it’s for travel, disaster relief or anything in between, Luci always shines bright. Luci is waterproof and so can safely be used in the rain, on boats, or even in salt water or a chlorinated pool.
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Carry On Cocktail Kit
Gone are the days of boring in-flight drinks. The Carry On Cocktail Kit provides everything you need to craft two delicious Old Fashioned cocktails mid-flight—all you need to add is the hard stuff.
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Elfin Dragon Ear Wrap
The mischievous Elfin Dragon Ear Wrap perches on the left ear, poised and ready to fly, or to whisper magical messages to it's master. It is beautifully detailed and cast in bronze. Diamond not included. This ear wrap is also available in sterling silver.
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Star Wars Storm Trooper Nutcracker
If you're looking for a nutcracker that misses the nut every time, look no further. He might be terrible at his job, but most of his friends died on the Death Star, and he's been out of work for years. So have a little heart this Christmas season and employ a Storm Trooper.
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