Giant Inflatable Dog Balloon
If you are the type of person who loves to make a statement, we are a match made in Heaven. Not only am I the biggest and boldest in my Fatboy Sejm family of inflatables which is guaranteed to amaze people but I also provide a cozy spot for them to lounge with me too.
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CRKT Niad Climbers Knife
This super lightweight knife features a simple two-piece design—because you don't want anything complicated while climbing. A stainless steel blade seats against the Titanium handle and eliminates the need for a sheath. 4" long, and weighing just .6 ounces.
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PenSword Eraser
Make no mistake - this sword eraser will fiercely fight any scribble and beat down every typo. It'll be swift, efficient, and leave no trace... It's an eraser that looks like a sword handle.
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$100 Wallet
Do you want to get mugged? Because that's how you get mugged...
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Invisible Ink Spy Pen
Each spy pen features ink that is made of special high-brightness compounds that are invisible to the naked eye, but magically illuminate when exposed to ultraviolet light. A blacklight is conveniently located on the opposite end of the pen.
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Himalayan Crystal Salt Cooking Tile
Using this Natural Himalayan Salt Rock you can sear, grill and cook like a pro. Just place this Himalayan Salt Rock Tile directly on your grill for amazing new grilling and BBQ options. Or place on your stove top and sear or cook directly on the heated tile.
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DROK Windproof USB Electronic Pulse Arc Lighter
You don't have to worry about gas or the wind anymore, the electric arc is not affected by heavy wind. The Electric Arc Lighter can charge on any USB port, making this the safest and easiest way to carry a lighter! The Electric Arc lighter makes a great gift.
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These plastic prosthesis lips stem from the mind of French designer Sascha Nordmeyer, and featured in her project “Communication Prosthesis.” Nordmever reports 'the lips are intended to help insecure people communicate more easily by forcing them to make a silly face.'
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Caffeinated Shaving Kit
This outstanding shaving cream and aftershave moisturizer utilize the many benefits of naturally-derived caffeine to help liven up your morning shave routine. They will give you an exceptional shave, help reduce the appearance of redness, and keep your skin looking healthy.
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Poler Sandwich Maker
It had to be done. You can now make Poler grilled cheese sandwiches, tuna melts, ham and cheese, you name it. Simply put a sandwich inside and cook it on the open fire. The result is something more than the sum of it’s parts and will delight young and old alike.
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I Am the One Who Knocks Doormat
I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!
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