Solar System 3D Wall Art
Utilizing a cutting-edge foam based material used in Hollywood sets, our 3D wall art is eye-catching, easy to assemble and lightweight, while adding instant flair to any room. Your little space explorer will fall asleep dreaming of shooting stars and distant worlds.
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Legend of Zelda Shield Pillow
This decorative pillow is sewn and hand felted to look like Link's Hylian shield. It measures approximately 10 x 8 inches. It's a great addition to any bed or couch. Due to it's handmade nature, please handle it with care.
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Cooking Blocks LEGO Kitchen Utensils
Cooking and playing are now synonymous thanks to Cooking Blocks, a set of 3 utensils consisting of a ladle, a spatula and a pasta drainer you can easily stack together imitating the old blocks you played with when you were a child, or quickly snap them to the wall.
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Eye of Sauron Desk Lamp
Designer Richard Taylor and his team built a 9-foot tall "bigature" of Barad-dûr to use for filming The Lord of the Rings movies. For this collector's edition desk lamp, David Tremont and his team scaled it down to just shorter than 21 inches high, the perfect height for a desk
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Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival
All the gear in the world won't help you if you're clueless. Bushcraft 101 gets you ready for your next backcountry trip with advice on making the most of your time outdoors. Based on the 5 Cs of survival, cutting tools, covering, combustion devices, containers, and cordages.
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Schiller X1 Water Bicycle
A bike like no other, the X1 defines a new age of water biking. A sublime blend of iconic design and precision engineering, the X1 delivers a sensational water based experience. Built for speed and maneuverability out of high quality stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum.
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Acton RocketSkates
RocketSkates are a motorized skate with a top speed of 12 mph. No need for a remote, just lean forward to go and lean backward to slow down. The skates are available in a variety of colors and models with different size batteries. There is also an app that allows fine tuning.
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Duke Cannon Big Ass Bricks of Soap
For the people out there that simply aren't satisfied with the typical soaps out there that don't weigh in at 3/4lb. This stuff is military grade and inspired by the rough cut "brick" style soap used by GIs during the Korean war.
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NFC Keyboard for Android by Elecom
This is a foldable and wireless keyboard for your android device. You can now type up your emails on your phone without having to mess around with tiny, irksome touchscreen keyboards. Just put your smartphone on the pad in the middle of the keyboard and type.
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Already Been Chewed Cookie Cutters
NOT MY GUMDROP BUTTONS!!! These cookie cutters make already been chewed gingerbread men! A set of three different cookie cutters, missing various limbs. Made of cast aluminum with no seams or sharp edges.
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Robot Tea Infuser
Use this charming robot stainless steel tea infuser to prepare your favorite loose tea. His arms and hands move to create a custom fit to your favorite tea mug. Rest him on the included drip tray when your tea is steeped. Use his antennas to open and close.
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