If you scream like a little girl when you're excited, I hope you're alone right now, because we're giving away a BeWild Temporary Tattoo Pen Kit... This Temporary Tattoo Pen Kit uses an exclusive system of cleanser, inks and sealer to allow you to create your own realistic looking temporary tattoos that can last for weeks or can be removed anytime with the supplied remover.

  • 10 sanitizer wipes.
  • 10 remover wipes.
  • 2 tubes of proprietary top coat sealing gel.
  • 14 temporary tattoo pens.

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Boyfriend Snuggle Pillow
Boy friend pillow is perfect pillow for any bed. The pillow measures 22-by-9-inches for the body and 36 inches for the arm. You can use this pillow as a body pillow or as a neck roll. The boy friend pillow provides firm sleeping support and it's great for snuggling.
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8 bit Pixel Panties
We called them Pixel Panties — Made with squares, fit for round bottoms. They're designed for people like us, who love retro games and 8 bit visuals but couldn’t find a way to make them fashionable and sexy. These panties make that possible.
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Minecraft Creeper Hoodie
Tsssssssssss... BOOOOOM! The Creeper, a looming threat to miners everywhere. Put your friends and family through the same annoying dread that you've endured in the game with this full zip hoodie. Hissing noises and explosions to be generated by wearer.
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Rubik's Cube Lamp
If you liked to play with the cube, now you can live and work with the cube, too. This venerable puzzle from the days of Galaga has been turned into a fully-functioning light. And by "fully-functioning" we mean it uses LEDs to illuminate things, but you can also play with it.
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The Napali Foldable Clear Kayak
Not only the sole transparent foldable kayak in the world, it is also among the very lightest, weighing only 26 lbs. The kayak's frame is a durable and corrosion-resistant internal Carbon Kevlar system and the skin is a transparent military-grade Urethane.
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Renova Black Toilet Paper
The Dark Lord uses toilet paper too, and you don't think he uses anything so common as white toilet paper do you? When you're pure evil, nothing less will do than equally evil toilet paper. It actually comes in a rainbow of colors though, for those of you that are less evil.
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Royal Printed Cat Tipi
Royal patterned canvas cat tipi with five wooden sticks for foundation. One circle opening in front. Each tipi is hand-crafted in California from 100% cotton canvas, birch wood, and suede cord.
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Radioactive Glowing Element Coaster Set
Featuring the atomic number and isotopic mass of the most stable or common isotope for their respective radioactive elements, these pressure-sensitive coasters light up when you put your drink on them.
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Tactical Walls Hidden Firearms Shelf
All the usefulness of a shelf, but this shelf packs an extra punch with the discreet foam lined cavity hiding just beneath the surface. To access the concealed compartment simply disengage the two hidden locks with the supplied magnetic keys.
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The Batman Bow Tie
Bow Ties are cool.
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Horror Story Toilet Paper
When a stubborn stool just won't emerge we'd recommend reading a passage from the Horror Novel Toilet Roll, it'll quite literally scare the sh*t out of you.
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