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Travel to The Arctic With Chris Hadfield
On this unique expedition, you’ll board the mighty Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker with Astronaut Chris Hadfield to access remote, ice-choked regions ordinary expedition ships dare not navigate. This is a chance in a lifetime to participate in an authentic expedition.
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NASA Gradient Raglan
"I can't believe how smart you look!", people will shout as you walk by with a strut. Don't worry, you don't have to actually work at NASA to get your hands on this chick magnet of a t-shirt.
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Rackless Magnetic Floating Shelf
Rackless combines a floating shelf with a magnetic key rack. Made from solid wood, each key rack is handcrafted in one of three sizes. The 12" model has a solid steel core and internal magnets. The magnets are super strong and can easily and securely hold your keys.
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Nura - Headphones that Learn and Adapt to Your Unique Hearing
Nura is a new headphone that integrates unique soundwave technology to automatically measure your hearing (from the outer ear all the way to the brain) and adapt music perfectly to you. In order for headphones to deliver the right sound, they must be matched to the listener.
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Galaxy Doc Martens
These are a one of a kind, made to order. You can change the color scheme and even the type of Dr Marten Boot or shoe. Don't be a shy cosmonaut, just ask.
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In-Ground Trampoline Kit
Don't be the kid with no friends this summer! Convince your parents you NEED this for your social sanity.
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Wireless Transparent Speakers
The world's first DECT speaker,ONEclassic sets up in seconds with no amplifier or CD player – just connect to your PC or mobile device and go! With a compact footprint and its unique see-thru acrylic design, ONEclassic looks great in any space.
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Panda Balaclava
Slide on our brand new Pandito balaclava and boost your Tai Chi skills to level 11. Comes in handy when flying wuxia style through bamboo forests with Ziyi Zhang.
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Wayv Portable Microwave
This portable microwave is about the size of a thermos. But unlike a thermos, it can heat your food up safely and evenly using LDMOS Transistors and a built in Li-On battery. Each charge gets you about 30 minutes of heating at 200 watts output.
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Mini Coffee Press
The humble pursuit of enjoying a hot cup of caffeinated heaven has become needlessly overcomplicated and it's time to take things back to basics. Meet the Mini Coffee Press – the smallest and simplest coffee maker ever conceived.
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Spare Air Xtreme Emergency Scuba Tank
These tanks are the real deal. Made from an aluminum tank rated to an impressive 3000 psi, this tank will get you an extra 20 breathes. Hopefully you won't ever need to use it, but if you do, you won't ever regret having it. It comes with a holster vest as well.
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