Ask your mom to ready the mop, because your head is about to explode. This week we're giving away some Magnetic Thinking Putty. Still with us? Good... Magnetic Thinking Putty takes regular silly putty and turns its awesomeness up to 11. Like any other putty, it can be stretched, bounced, molded, popped, and torn. However, when this putty is in the presence of a magnetic field, it exhibits fascinating properties. Millions of tiny micron-sized magnets are embedded in each handful of Magnetic Thinking Putty. Use the included super-strong ceramic magnet to control the putty like a snake charmer.

  • Comes in a stamped steel tin for easy storage.
  • Made in the USA, so you know it won't kill you.
  • Yeah, bitch! Magnets!

Mighty Mug - The Mug That Won't Fall
Mighty Mug is the innovative mug that grips to your desk when knocked into. Say good-bye to your old mug that falls over and spills. Desks of the world rejoice!!!
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Muse - Brain-Sensing Headband
A brain fitness tool that helps you do more with your mind, and more with your life, by helping you learn to manage stress, stay calm, and stay focused. Improve your physical, emotional, and cognitive health. See and feel improvements in your mental state.
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Schnuzzle - Scent-Based Dog Toys
Verb: To cuddle or snuggle up to. To touch, rub or explore with the nose, muzzle. Show affection. To give comfort to a loved one through touch or smell. Noun: An irresistible multi-coloured chew toy in a variety of shapes and textures that intrigues and excites the senses.
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House Pencil Sharpener
Inspired by the small Nordic town’s style, the House Sharpeners are original pencil sharpeners that will not only sharpen your pencils but will also give your desk a different touch.
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Daft Punk LEGO Minifigs
Daft Punk! They're the kings of all things electronic and now we've paid them homage! Using LEGO parts, these custom Daft Punk minifigures can easily strut their stuff all over your mantelpiece. You can even go all out and give them their very own LEGO DJ booth.
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Animal Parade Seasoning Shaker
Each individual Animal shaker cleverly adopts a season of the year, with a little animal roaming around your seasoning. The Animal Parade comes with a handy rack.
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Night Glow Toilet Seat
Don't miss the seat next time you have to get up to use the bathroom! Better than leaving a night light running all night, and less painful and annoying than turning on the regular lights. Comes in round or elongated shapes to fit all toilets. Do it. Buy one. You've earned it.
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Come Back With A Warrant Doormat
For those of you who don't like random people coming up to your door and soliciting you about their own agendas, this doormat was made for you. "Come Back With A Warrant" is pretty self-explanatory and you're guaranteed you won't get any more door-to-door salesmen at your house.
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Neon Illuminated Bathtub
This illuminated, self standing, polyethylene bathtub is sure to add drama to your bathroom. Available with internal multicolored, programmable LED light unit, or with a regular light fitting.
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Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Color
The Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Textured Nail Color creates a unique sugary texture. Dries quickly to a semi-matte finish. Can be eaten immediately. Just kidding, don't eat it.
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Rotating Deathly Hallows Necklace
"The Elder Wand," he said, and he drew a straight vertical line on the parchment. "The Resurrection Stone," he said, and he added a circle on top of the line. "The Cloak of Invisibility," he finished, enclosing both line and circle in a triangle..."
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