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  • Each crate includes an English explanation card of what's what.
  • 2 pounds per crate.

Convict Conditioning Workout Book
If you're not man enough to do real time but still want the body of 50 Cent, this book will lead the way.
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Smart Rope
The Evolution of a Classic. Smart Rope is an LED-embedded jump rope that connects to your smartphone. What really sets this new wearable apart from everything else that has been offered is the ability to show the user's stats in real-time on thin air.
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Flow Hive
Flow is a revolutionary beehive invention, allowing you to harvest honey without opening the hive and with minimal disturbance to the bees. Turn the tap and watch as pure, fresh, clean honey flows right out of the hive and into your jar. No mess, no fuss, no expensive processing.
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Thor USB Stick
The hammer of Thor can be used for more than vanquishing your enemies and frustrating The Hulk, it's also good to store up to 8GB of your most precious files. True to the original, it's waterproof and shockproof.
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Remote Controlled Miniature Indoor Blimp
The Nano Blimp is the World's Smallest Remote Controlled Blimp! Add some helium and you can turn any standard latex party balloon into an indoor R/C airship. With a bit of practice, you'll be piloting this mini dirigible with amazing agility throughout your entire house.
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Strobe LED Hula Hoop
This will be the most colorful seizure you've ever had.
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Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
The PowerUp 3.0 Bluetooth, Smart Module transforms ordinary paper planes into motorized machines, controllable directly from your smartphone. You provide the paper airplane, and the PowerUp does the rest. 10 minutes of battery life. USB rechargeable.
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Obsessive Chef Precision Cutting Board
If you are one of those folks for whom things must be just so, then this cutting board is for you. The Obsessive Chef is a 9 x 12 inch cutting board made of strong, sustainable bamboo, and it clearly spells out the most precise measurements in exacting detail.
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Dinner DJ
Get your dinner spinning with DINNER DJ. Interactive melamine dinner set has a "tone arm" combo spoon-knife-fork, interactive twistable knobs and a record-style spinning plate... all to help make you the master DJ of dinner!
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W3 Cube by Forge Solid
Geometrically perfect, crafted from aerospace grade Tungsten (W on the periodic table). Tungsten is 70% denser than lead, denser than Uranium, 4X harder than Titanium, 19X denser than water, and nearly impossible to melt, having the highest melting point of any mineral on earth.
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Giant Cardboard Robot Arm Making Kit
They're perfect for giant robot hugs, super high high-fives, and terrorizing small children. Customize them just for you! Cover them in stickers, paint them, glue stuff to them, or add lights. Treat your new arms as your cardboard canvas.
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