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Ruler Bracelet
An item that deserve to be a part of anyone's everyday carry.
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Death Countdown Watch
Tikker is a wrist watch the counts down your life, and helps you make every second count. Using statistics and a personal health algorithm it will motivate you to make the right choices. Forget all about "smart watches" that will keep you connected to your work email 24 / 7.
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TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool
OMG guys. Covert Ops... tihk about it.
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This is Square Bear
Perfect as a home or desk ornament and always ready to occupy you when you're ready to take a paws and indulge in some zen-like block reshaping.
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Savannah Endangered Animal Ice Molds
A refreshing glass of reality.
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Hidden Door Kit
Have you always wanted your own Secret Passage? or Hidden Door system like that bat cave? This unique patented hinge system is 100% made in the USA, It features the ability to be used for an inswing or out swing door system. It provides a 100% concealed doorway system.
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Pizza Slut T
For the pizza slut in your family!
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Doctor Who Tardis Cardboard Cat House
It's bigger on the inside.
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Tiny Screen Video Game Kit
This TinyScreen Video Kit lets you play games on your TinyScreen with the Joystick TinyplaceholderShield. Play games like Flappy Bird, asteroids, space invaders and more on this tiny video game console!
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Alcohol Vaporizer Shot Machine
Vapshot instantly vaporizes alcohol that can be served as a vapor shot or as a mixed drink.
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Dry Brew Coffee Chews
ry Brew Coffee Chews are for coffee lovers who don't have the convenience of being able to sip on a cup of joe. An entire 6 fl oz cup of coffee is condensed into each coffee chew, so you get the same caffeine kick without missing out on that bold coffee flavor.
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