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Flingons Flingable Magnetic Stress Toys
These flexible, flingable wonders have magnetic arms and feet that can be contorted and connected into all the shapes your restless and clever little mind can think up.
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Six Hour Sleep
Don't let the "drug free" part of the description turn you off. Just as much as people need to wake up, they need to sleep, and this could be just the thing to settle your nerves.
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Dog Paw Cleaner
When you pup comes in from playing outside, fill Paw Plunger with water up to the top row of bristles. One by one place each paw inside the Paw Plunger and let the gentle bristles clean dirt and grim from those dirty paws.
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Smartphone Breathalyzer Attachment
If it doesn't automatically hail an Uber if my BAC crosses the limit, they've made a bad product and should feel bad.
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NSFW Fortune Cookies
Premium fortune cookies, fresh with a hint of vanilla, if you know what I mean...
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Heatbuff Keyboard Hand Warmer
Our product is the only gaming related accessory that can effectively make you a better player. If you have cold hands, you won't play at your best level. Our dream is to eliminate this issue!
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Skull Gas Fireplace Logs
These skulls are made of fire proof materials so they are great for a fire place or fire pit.
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SweatBlock Clinical Strength 7-Day Antiperspirant
SweatBlock antiperspirant stops excessive underarm sweating for up to 7-days per use*. The trade-secret formula and unique application method combine to deliver results you can count on when it matters most.
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Lego Tape!
Instantly transforms virtually any surface into a base for Toy Building Blocks and components!
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Peeping Cat Wall Hook
This little Kitty loves to play Peek-a-boo with you. Each time you hang an item on his tail, he’ll pop out of his little box and surprise you. Kitt-A-Boo is always ready for a surprise and will to look after any item you decide to hang on his fluffy tail.
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World’s Best Travel Pillow
With it's 4 unique resting positions and 9 functional features the Duo will get you to your final destination rested and relaxed.
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