Glow In The Dark Lingerie
You guys love your glow in the dark stuff.
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Diet Star Diet Belt
Fitbits are overrated. Track real progress with the Diet Star belt.
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90s Paper Cup Shirt
If nothing else it's a conversation starter...
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Conor McGregor F*ck You Pinstripe Suit
Infamy and notoriety isn't always bad, especially in the case of one bold, brave, confident friend of ours who revels in pushing boundaries. For those interested in taking similar risks, we have recreated our original custom 3-piece suit produced exclusively for Conor McGregor.
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Hairy Leggings
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The Bulletproof Suit
This past year, Garrison Bespoke worked alongside suppliers for the US 19th Special Forces in developing the custom bullet-proof suit. Using nanotechnology, it’s comprised of the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops’ uniforms in Iraq.
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Death Metal Rainbow Shirt
At the end of every rainbow lies a pot of skulls. This soft, 100% cotton t-shirt will still feel great drenched in the blood of a thousand unicorns.
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The Puffy Poncho
The perfect gag gift for your poor friends in Arizona! The Puffy Poncho is the greatest poncho ever designed. It's ultra warm, lightweight, and machine washable. It's got a waterproof shell, holds your beverage, and a zipper-secured front pouch that stores your belongings.
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Star Trek:TOS Two-Piece Swimsuit
Here's an important question for Star Trek: The Original Series fans: if you beam down onto a beach, are you part of a Sanding Party? *rimshot*
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NASA Logos Iron on Patches
NASA Logo iron-on or sew patch. Perfect for the cosmonaut in your family.
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Sexy Chest Swimsuit
Excuse me, my eyes are up here...
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