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Spiral Galaxy Rings
This is a mini galaxy ring, NGC 1309 spiral galaxy, which is 100 million light-years away.
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Ruler Bracelet V2
V2 features a redesign of the pre-exisitng enclosure—now magnetic, snappable, and quite amusing to fiddle around with.
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Titanium Tritium Ring
This is solid silver, 3d printed, tritium ring with three inserted tritium vials. Choose either green or ice-blue.
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Morse Code Bracelets
Create your own one-of-a-kind hidden message cuff bracelet for teens, men or women, feature the morse code on silver/ gold/ rose gold band adhered with jump rings.
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Hail Santa Enamel Pins
This year I decided to do Hail Santa enamel pins instead of patches! This is a soft enamel pin plated in black measuring 1.25" in width. It has one post with a black rubber clutch.
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Apple Watch Camera Band
An Apple Watch band with front and rear HD cameras, for effortless video chat and lightning-fast photos.
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QALO Wedding Rings for Athletes
QALO silicone wedding rings are made out of material that’s perfect solution for an alternative wedding ring. Each ring is made out of: Hypoallergenic, Non-Conductive, Non-Porous Medical Grade Silicone.
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Personalized Children’s Art Necklace
Be the artist. Immortalize your child’s first drawing, or one of your own doodles. One-of-a-kind Wearable Art you can find, perfect gift for you and your loved one
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Apollo 11 Bovarro Automatic Watch
Assembled in Switzerland, an Automatic Watch inspired by 1969 Apollo 11 Lunar Landing. 42 & 46 mm cases in Stainless Steel or 18K Gold
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50 Pearl-Laden Oysters
Each oyster includes a 6-7 mm round Akoya cultured pearl with AAA quality. Our cultured pearl oyster is directly cultured from our own cultured pearl farms which is more than 10 years business in China.
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Octopus Tentacle Ring
Not sure why you would want a water spider wrapped around your finger, but what do I know. One size fits most, that means you, probably.
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