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Star Wars Soy Sauce Dishes
Dip your makis in the head of Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, C-3PO and R2-D2. Wield your chopsticks like a lightsaber and really get into it. Let's be real here, you're never going to figure out how to actually order these.
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Charmander Ceramic Candle Holder
Seems a little expensive for a candle holder that you have to "cut up the tea candle..." to even get it to fit... So yeah, true to our name- here we are encouraging you to buy it.
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Star Wars Heat Reactive Lightsaber Mug
You won't need the force to alter the image on this Heat Change Mug. Simply fill with a hot drink and watch the full range of lightsabers suddenly activate on this fantastic Star Wars design mug.
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Pip-Boy: Deluxe Bluetooth Edition
Get your own functioning Pip-Boy replica that pairs with your Bluetooth phone or tablet. Take calls on it, play music through it, or just have the coolest wristband in the Commonwealth.
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Mrs. Potts & Chip Teapot Set
High quality ceramic that is both functional and entertaining.
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Darth Vader Ice Or Chocolate Cube Tray
Whether you’re making a treat for your family or spicing up a Star Wars-themed party, these sturdy trays let you capture ice, chocolate, jello, or cupcakes in the familiar shape of the helmets of Darth Vader and Imperial Stormtroopers, or the Millennium Falcon.
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Legend of Zelda Proposal Chest
Get down on one knee and ask your love to be your player 2! Handmade chest made from stained cedar a lightweight rot and bug resistant wood.
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Geeky Valentines Inspired Your Favorite TV Shows & Movies
Jareth the Goblin King, Darth Vader, Ian Malcolm, Severus Snape, Quint, The Hound, Yoda, Lando, True Romance, Khan, The Lord of Darkness, Gollum, Hodor, Brick & George McFly!
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Dragon Ball Z Sleeping Mask
This is the face I make when I sleep. Financial limitations only exist if you let them! Buy this mask now!
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Undead SpaceGod NASA EVA Patch
In memory of our brave Astromancers. The first attempts at communication were... less than successful. In hindsight we probably shouldn't have given a trillion dollars to the only organization that saw it coming.
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Girl Scout S’more Cookies
Crunchy graham sandwich cookies with creamy chocolate and marshmallowy filling. This time honored campfire treat is made with natural flavors and specialty ingredients.
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