Game of Thrones House Targaryen Mask
Bend a knee to Dany and usher in the final (😭 ) season of Game of Thrones by creating your own piece of show memorabilia.
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Steampunk Bird Mask
Be the dapper bird. Steampunk plague doctor mask made of 5-6 veg tan leather with cold cast aluminum eyepieces and beak. Steel dome rivets and buckles complete the look. This mask is all hand-stitched with waxed thread.
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It’s Always Sunny Prayer Candles
Five fully functioning, regular sized white candles, unscented, with Frank Reynolds, sweet D, Mac, Dennis and Charlie as our patron saints
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The Night King Mask
Pale blue striated flesh streches upwards into a regal and organic ice crown; this malevolent and powerful being raises more questions than he answers.
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littleBits Star Wars Droid Inventor Kit
Kids across the galaxy are gathering. To create. To play. To invent the next generation of Droids with the Droid Inventor Kit. Kids can create their own custom Droid and bring it to life it with littleBits electronic blocks.
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Iron Throne Cat Bed
It fits.
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Stranger Tings Mug
Hopper once said that mornings are for coffee and contemplation. He was right. So the next time you're enjoying some elevenses — make sure you're drinking out of the Stranger Tings Mug.
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Arcade Sofa
Button smash your heart out.
To Be Announced

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Millennium Falcon Asteroid Coffee Table
A diorama style coffee table featuring one of the most iconic ships in the Star War universe. This dynamic piece of furniture art features the Millennium Falcon navigating a dangerous asteroid field in an attempt to escape Darth Vader and the Imperial fleet.
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Personalized Superhero Figurines
HeroMods are the ultimate unique gift. You supply the photos and customize your superhero, then we use the latest 3D printing technology to build a lifelike figurine - delivered to your door.
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Pickle Rick Glass Pipe
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