TruBrain Nootropic Drinks
You seem like the type of person who buys this.
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Nachosaurus Chip & Dip Dish Set
Thought to be extinct the prehistoric Nachosaurus is back... and ready to carry and serve your favorite snacks!
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Instant Watermelon Slicer
Prepare watermelons the easy way with this melon slicer.
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Ergonomic Ice Cream Scooper for Hard Ice Cream
YOU HAVE BEEN SCOOPING ICE CREAM WRONG: Developed by an aerospace engineer, the Midnight Scoop combines innovation and durable materials to easily scoop hardened ice cream.
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Giant Cabbage Blanket
I could nom here.
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Gourmia Breakfast Cooking Station
Ain’t nobody got time for that Unless they have a Gourmia GBF470 3 in 1 Breakfast Station that is. This wonder machine will let you cook up an entire hearty breakfast in literally MINUTES- without the hassle and mess of pots and pans!
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2018 FIFA Champions Beer Mug
Made of High Borosilicate Glass which has high hardness, high strength, low expansion rate, the total weight is only 0.41 Ounce, that is the biggest difference from traditional glass which is heavy, thick and fragile.
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Real Wine Gums
Why settle for just a glass of wine or a mere packet of Haribos when you could be delicately nibbling your way through these like a true sophisticate? It’s the best of both worlds, and it’s god damn delicious.
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Clear Coca Cola
The Coca-Cola Clear is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a completely clear Coca-Cola drink! It's not just a visual change, though. The familiar caramel flavor is gone, replaced by a refreshing lemon juice mix that Coca-Cola developed after many carefully tested samples.
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Harambe Corn Holder
Let King Corn protect your hands from hot cobs and melting butter while entertaining guests with his fun design. Corn skewers give you a steady grip and make eating corn on the cob less messy and more fun!
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Crooked Alcoholic Sodas
Just a warning, you might not be able to go back to rubbish old beers and wines after trying these cans of goodness. The taste of yeast or fermented grapes just doesn’t compare to the thirst-quenching succulence of one of these little miracles.
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