Animal Snout Cups
These aren’t ordinary cups. They are a bit evil. Unseen they play a game with you. Giving you a funny face of a piggy, dog or a bear while you drink your tea. You won’t notice it until people around you start to gniffle.
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Bob Ross Heat Reactive Mug
Do something every day that will make you happy. This mug is for loyal fans of Bob Ross
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Emergency Snack Kits
What do you get the person that has everything or the person you have no idea what to get? Hangry Kits to the rescue!!! Give them something they haven’t received before. Instant conversation piece filled with the best snacks you can get.
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Grilled Cheese Toaster
Make two perfectly toasted, hot and melty cheese sandwiches in just minutes.
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Laser Engraved Cat Rolling Pin
Cats and cats and cats and cookies.
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Glow In The Dark Pipes
These cool little glowing pipes will knock your socks off! Made with Illuminati glass, they will glow under UV lighting.
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KFC Fried Chicken Bath Bombs
To ensure you maintain at least some level of hygiene, the chicken chain has created a new product: a bath bomb that leaves you, your bathtub, and, possibly even your towel smelling like fried chicken. Seriously though, Japan gets the good stuff!
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Raclette Cheese Melting Utensil
The Partyclette and a cozy tea light are all you need for your romantic raclette experience. This raclette sets make enjoying delicious melted cheese fast and easy. Light the tealights, Barbeclette on top, add some raclette cheese ... done.
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DIY Gummy Candy
Fact: Japan has the best candy.
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Alcohol Vaporizing Pump
New refreshing way to enjoy mix drinks and shots with 0 calories and NO hangover!!!
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Mini Waffle Stick Maker
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