Bacon Bowl Mold
Introducing Perfect Bacon Bowl. Eggs and hash browns for breakfast? It’s better in a Bacon Bowl. BLT for lunch? Perfect Bacon Bowl makes a whole new way to munch. Just wrap your favorite cut of bacon around the Perfect Bacon Bowl form and cook.
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Bacon Express Bacon Grill
The Nostalgia BCN6BK bacon express is a healthier way to cook bacon to delicious perfection! easily cook up to 6-strips of regular or thick cut bacon in just minutes - no need to flip!
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Bacon and Eggs Scarf
Up for sale is one Bacon 'n Eggs Scarf, which would make an adorable addition to any outfit. The bacon sections are curled just a bit to make them more realistic, and some of the egg yolks have been placed off-center to mimic real fried eggs!
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Make Your Own Bacon Kit
Packed with enough ingredients and equipment to cure three batches of bacon. For each batch you’ll need to get your mitts on 2.2lbs (1kg) of good quality pork belly or loin. Both of these pork varieties should be easily available from your local supermarket.
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Chocolate Covered Bacon
Bacon. Bacon. Bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? Take a top notch quality, hickory smoked, thick cut slab of oven baked bacon, dip it in melted milk chocolate and sprinkle some all natural sea salt on top and you got yourself an amazing gift! Made to order so it's always fresh.
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Bacon Every Month Club
Sign up for the Bacon Every Month Club for a monthly supply of Tender Belly maple cured signature bacon! Tender Belly will send you 4 pounds of this delicious bacon every month. You're not a real bacon lover unless you're a member of the bacon every month club!
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Bacon Salt
This one of a kind salt is for both bacon lovers and those just looking for a new unique flavor. This salt captures the sweet, smoky bacon flavor and adds just a pinch of heat at the end.
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Maple Bacon Soy Candle
If there's anything better than the taste of bacon, it's the smell of bacon. Now you can enjoy the smell of bacon until you confuse your body into a heart attack. A calorie free indulgence, unless you eat it. Don't eat it.
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The Bacon Jams
Treat yo self to some delicious bacon jam. Available in All Original, Black Pepper, and Red Chile & Garlic flavors... Yum!
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Pig Bacon Grill Press
Even the best cut bacon can curl, making it difficult to cook evenly. The cast iron bacon press flattens the bacon, keeping it's shape for even cooking and the wooden handle stays cool while the press is in use. To speed up the process, pre-heat the press.
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Bacon, Wasabi, Pickle, and Gravy Flavored Candy Canes
We're going to be honest, these probably all taste horrible. But what better way to prank all your unassuming stupid relatives when they invade your house this Christmas season? Candy cane Russian Roulette is also a great option.
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