Chocolate Cake-Filled Kit Kat Bars
Why does Japan get all the good candy?
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Colon Cleaner Hot Sauce
Professor Phardtpounders colon cleaner hot sauce - elixir of capsaicin extremus is an excellent creation of a Caribbean mustard hot sauce. It delivers heat and an unforgettable island flavor to your meals.
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Wim Single-Serve Frozen Yogurt Maker
Fresh is Best. Because each Wim-Bowl is frozen on the spot, it’s creamier, smoother, and honestly, just tastes better. No more freezer burn or months old cartons - just freshly made frozen yogurt.
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Fruit Punch Pickles
This might be our one and only Walmart item on this site. Go ahead, get them while they last.
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Carolina Reaper Beef Jerky
The hottest jerky we've ever made. A classic base coupled with seething heat from fresh Carolina Reaper peppers, fresh Habanero peppers all topped with our signature spice rub. Providing a burn that can last for 20 minutes or longer, you're going to regret everything.
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Scented Banana Candle
Stop frittering away your money on boring tea lights, the time is ripe to give your lifestyle accessories a fruity mash-up.
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AvoSeedo - Grow an Avocado Tree
Yes, grow avocado. No, don't buy this-- use toothpicks.
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Go-Gurt for Cats
Cats goo goo for tuna flavored yogurt. A rich, thick puree in a lickable tube that you can hand feed for a fun and delicious treat.
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Dragon’s Breath Chili Peppers
If you're going to buy these, at least post the video of you eating them and crying uncontrollably.
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Tart Cherry Edible Cups
Our Tart Cherry Cup has a sweet aroma that is derived from real cherries. Sophisticated yet unobtrusive, the Tart Cherry Cup is a perfect pairing for fruity cocktails, Tiki drinks, juices, and shaved ice.
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Make Your Own Bacon Kits
baconkit + pork = homemade bacon! It’s that easy. The kit contains everything you need to make 5 lbs of delicious homemade bacon (EXCLUDES Pork Belly)
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