Coffee Mug Rick
Not quite as good as Pickle Rick, but definitely more practical.
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Animal Snout Cups
These aren’t ordinary cups. They are a bit evil. Unseen they play a game with you. Giving you a funny face of a piggy, dog or a bear while you drink your tea. You won’t notice it until people around you start to gniffle.
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Bob Ross Heat Reactive Mug
Do something every day that will make you happy. This mug is for loyal fans of Bob Ross
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Glow In The Dark Pipes
These cool little glowing pipes will knock your socks off! Made with Illuminati glass, they will glow under UV lighting.
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Disposable 100% Leaf Plates
Our disposable tableware is made of nothing but leaves – leaves that regrow three times a year and degrade in every household’s compost.
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Cereal Killer Bowl
This is the perfect bowl for people who want to order from Amazon, and still pay $6.99 for shipping! Psychopath indeed.
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Nicolas Cage Face Coffee Mug
This unique meme mug is a great gift for him or a gift for her. MOISTURIZE ME!
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The Right Cup - Brain-Tricking Flavored Cup
The cups were created for people who wish to reduce their sugar intake. There is a high demand among children, people who are on a diet, want to lose weight, simply don’t like to drink plain water and diabetic people.
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Flowering Penis Coffee Mug
Have a phallic giggle as hot coffee streams past your lips and down your throat.
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Handmade Creepy Beer Mugs
Whether it's snarling lips or grotesque, deformed monsters, you'll have a frightful time offering your guests a drink of RC cola in one of these monstrosities this hallows eve.
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Forever Alone Holding Hands Mug
It features three life-like human sized fingers extending from one side, which serves as the handle. You’ll love how your guests do a double take when it’s time for dessert and coffee.
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