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Data Cotton Bow Tie
The benefits of learning trigonometry may not be apparent in your day to day, but learning to tie The Data Science Bow Tie will pay dividends every time you wear it.
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Shower Beer
A sweet but strong pale ale in a 18 cl small bottle meant to gulp in three sips while standing in the shower getting ready for the night. You freaking lush. Their first batch sold out, and the second one is currently in the brew tanks.
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The Grypmat - The World’s Most Versatile Tool Mat
A high-performance, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-static, rubber tool mat. A mechanic’s Best Friend.
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MeatSweats Relaxation Pants
From lifting weights to smashing steaks, you're gonna need a pair of MeatSweats.
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Home Beer Draft System
The Fizzics Waytap allows beer aficionados and novices alike to pour expert draft quality beer by reviving any can or bottle beer to brewery fresh draft. Unlock the full taste of authentic draft beer, enhancing its aroma and delivering the freshest, full-body flavor possible.
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Say It With Beef - Beef Jerky Flower Bouquets
Show your love by sending over a half pound of beef. Whether it's an anniversary, a special occasion, a get-well-soon, or more of a slap on the back, a Broquet from Say It With Beef is the best way to say anything - period.
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The Manly Art Of Knitting
The Manly Art of Knitting was originally published in 1972, but has been out of print for decades. Fougner initially published this book in the hope that it would encourage men to take up knitting and that veterans of the craft would embrace this quirky manual.
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myLAB Box - At-Home STD Test Kits
Enjoy better and more frequent care by regaining control of your health with convenient at-home testing. Tailored to your lifestyle our tests go where you go so you can spend less time worrying and more time living life.
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Bushbalm Pubic Hair Oils
Whether you are bushy or bare, our pubic oil is perfect for you! The recipe includes Jojoba, grape seed, essential, and tea tree oil. Additionally, the tea tree oil helps prevent and soothe ingrown hairs.
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Speakeasy Briefs
Our Guarantee: 60% of the time, it works...every time. 100% guaranteed to be the greatest underwear you've ever worn or we'll happily refund your purchase.
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Muncher Titatium Multi-Tool Spork
The Muncher packs a punch with 10 functionalities. Made from aerospace grade titanium, it is amazingly strong and light-weight at just 0.7oz / 20grams.
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