Samurai Pet Armor for Cats & Dogs
Unlike real armor, this is lightweight so your feline or canine friend won't get (too) annoyed and will be happy to pose for unique photos.
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Did You Feed The Dog?
Why does this need to exist?
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Personalized Pet Pokemon Cards
Get your favorite pet immortalized as it's own custom Pokemon! Comes with card spec stats, meaning you can actually throw it down during a battle!
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Fairy Tale Cat Caves
Can be perfect gift for your loved ones and house warming gift for pet lovers. Made from natural wool, this handmade comfortable cat house is very thick and perfectly keeps its shape.
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Custom Pet Portraits Done Right
Make your beast, a masterpiece.
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Cat Cool Pot Bed Pet Cooling Tray
Don't let puss suffer in the heat. The Cat Cool Pot Bed is a bowl-like tray for keeping your pet cool during hot days. Made from cooling aluminum, the cat-shaped dish is designed to fit a curled-up feline in just the snug way they like, as well as help reduce body temperature.
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Cat Toilet Training System
Train your cat to use a human toilet in 8 weeks or less.
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Doctor Who Tardis Cardboard Cat House
It's bigger on the inside.
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Winston Dog Bed
The Winston Dog Bed is an ode to our favorite boy. We wanted to create a dog bed that was sleek and modern while still being fun. Two tennis balls can fit snugly into the frame to store them when it's not play time, if they can last that long.
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CatCon 2017
Featuring one of the biggest adoption lounges ever, CatCon is where pop and cat culture converge, showcasing some of the world’s top cat-centric merchandise, and conversations with those at the epicenter of the cat world. And yes, Lil BUB (pictured) will be there.
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Dog Cave Bed
Peek-a-boo Bed - Specially Designed For Burrowers And Cuddlers. Treat your v v v good pup pup to a proper bedding experience.
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