Multiple-level Cat Hammock and Climbing Activity Center
Our furniture allows cats to have their own territory that is up high enough for them to feel secure, far out of reach of any perceived danger.
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Glow In The Dark Fish
These fluorescent fish are born brilliant! They are not injected or dyed. They inherit their harmless, lifelong color from their parents, and require the same care as any other community fish.
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Pet Deshedding Brush Gloves
Perfect for short, long and curly haired dogs and cats, the deshedding glove allows you to simply pet the hair away.
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Automatic Flushing Litter Box
CATOLET automatic litter box for cats and small dogs that does not require any filler nor cleaning. It is based on a conveyor system for waste disposal with automatic washing of the conveyor belt and flushing to the sewer.
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Shearling Fleece Winter Dog Coat
Easy-touch closures on the adjustable belly belt allow for a snug, draft-free fit your pet is sure to appreciate
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Music For Cats
Music for Cats was born from our efforts to bring real, scientifically credible music to as many members of the animal kingdom as possible. Cats were our first choice because they're widely kept as pets, allowing us to easily share music with them.
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App Controlled Smart Bone
GoBone is the world’s first smart bone for your dog. It automatically keeps your dog active while you’re busy and opens up a whole new world of play when you’re together.
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Animal Snout Cups
These aren’t ordinary cups. They are a bit evil. Unseen they play a game with you. Giving you a funny face of a piggy, dog or a bear while you drink your tea. You won’t notice it until people around you start to gniffle.
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Bear Shaped Hamster House
Feeling like cleaning hamster poo out of even more things? This enclosed hamster living space is perfect for you!
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Bat House!
This Bat Shelter provides a long-term sanctuary for Bats to nest/roost. It's made with grooved walls so bats can more easily cling to them and is constructed with ample space for up to a dozen bats.
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WiFi Dog Treat Dispenser
A fun and easy way to connect with and treat your pet from anywhere
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