Off-Grid Solar Panel Backpack
Charges your phone as fast as it charges at home using industry leading SunPower high-efficiency cells. Approximately 2 hours in direct sunlight charges most smartphones completely.
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UCO Stormproof Matches
At over four inches long, they’re ideal for lighting campfires and gas grills. They have a burn time of up to 25 seconds and will fire up in the harshest of conditions. They’ll even relight after being submerged in water.
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Knife Of The Month Club
From fixed blades to assisted opening pocket knives, and everything in between.
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DIY Glock Kit
Fuck yeah, America.
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Let's Get Physical - Fit, fun and fabulous
Say what you like about the 80s, people looked f*cking cool when they exercised. Fitness fashion was at its peak.
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AC Adapter Hidden Spy Camera
Simply plug it into your wall, and it will record motion-activated high-res video at 720x480 resolution. There are no confusing settings or menus to worry about. Just plug in the included 16GB SD Card, and start recording!
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PenPOW Pencil Slingshot
A metal catapult in a shape of pencil clip for launching paper bombs. AKA how to get expelled.
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Remote Control Cockroach
Helping you be the worst roommate ever since 1999.
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"Le Petit Chef" Complete Set
A box specially designed for little gourmets and apprentice cook. This box contains of a finger guard, a peeler and a kitchen knife with a rounded tip with educational ring to help position the fingers and prevent the hand from slipping onto the blade.
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Phat Scooters
A 100% electric scooter designed to give you the comfort and versatility you need to go anywhere you want, all while looking the part — that’s true freedom. FREEDOM!
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Swedish Fire Torch Log Grill
The flat, stable cooking surface directs heat into pots or pans, which reduces heating time. Cook for large groups like scout troops, hunting parties, or family gatherings without the need to continuously feed a fire.
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