Grenade Soap
! Introducing a life size hand grenade soap by Doc Spartan. The must have soap to blow up the funk. The scent is inspired by the fresh dew on the parade field grass, right before you got smoked by a crusty Platoon Sergeant.
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HemiSERE Titanium Lapel Knife
Do you want to accidentally slice your own neck? Because this is how you accomplish that...
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Arrow Firing Slingbow
Here at Slingbow Industries, we have been working (a little) and playing (a lot) for over six years to expand the horizons of slingshot hunting and slingbow hunting and fishing.
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Drive A Tank Experience
Pay money to run shit over with a tank! What could go wrong?!
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R/C Airsoft BB Firing Battle Tanks
he M41 Walker Bulldog tank comes with an airsoft firing unit and is RTR out of the box. Just add your AA’s and you are set
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Tactical Drone Jamming Gun
DroneGun Tactical provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models. It allows for a controlled management of drone payload such as explosives, with no damage to common drones models or surrounding environment.
To Be Announced

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M48 Cyclone Knife Limited Edition Series
Imitation knife enthusiasts need not apply.
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CRKT Freyr Axe
Norse design with a soul that’s all American. Why meddle with an axe shape that has been tried and true for over a thousand years? That’s the logic designer and veteran Elmer Roush brings to the Freyr tactical axe.
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Knife Of The Month Club
From fixed blades to assisted opening pocket knives, and everything in between.
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DIY Glock Kit
Fuck yeah, America.
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PenPOW Pencil Slingshot
A metal catapult in a shape of pencil clip for launching paper bombs. AKA how to get expelled.
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