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Ever Tires: Flat Free Bikes Forever
Say goodbye to flat tires: There’s no foam, gooey solutions or even air for that matter. These tire options have taken a genius design mixed with quality materials to offer at least 5,000 miles flat free. That’s like riding from San Francisco to Washington DC and back again.
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Outrider Electric Adventure Vehicles
Whether your idea of adventure is a cross-country trek, exploring a serene forest road, or just the freedom of commuting to work in the open air, our pedal-electric vehicles are built to make it happen. Incredibly lightweight, incredibly powerful, and completely exhilarating.
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Collapsible Bicycle Helmet
The bicycle helmet that collapses to one third of its original size. Collapse, stash, and store in your bag until you need it again!
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Bird of Prey Bicycle
A unique riding experience that boasts benefits such as more safety and better aerodynamics. It also stops fast. The body is low and close to the center of the front wheel. The rider will not go over the handlebars in a panic stop. Using normal bike parts it's easy to maintain.
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Walky Dog Hands-Free Bicycle Leash
Now you can bring your best buddy along for the ride and maintain complete control; no more feeling guilty for leaving them at home. A bicycle dog leash is a great way to exercise your dog and release energy - especially for active dogs.
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Sole Fixie Bikes
Our Solé Bicycle features a simple and minimalist custom frame designed to maximize efficiency and speed. The whole bicycle weighs only 26lbs! Your brand new Solé Bicycle comes 90% assembled. All you gotta do is throw on the front tire, handle bars and seat and your ready to go
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Juggernaut - Electric Fat Tire Off-Road Tricycle
The first all fat-tire, bullfrog trike is here. Juggernaut’s long wheel base design and three fat tires improve float on sand and snow over fat bikes by 50%. The 26” fat tire front wheels with over 29” in projected diameter overcome obstacles up to 6” tall at crawl speed
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Tarus 2x2 Foldable ATV
With only 2x2 wheels the Tarus drive is unique, extralight, super small-size, reliable vehicle. It's a fast folding motorbike. It'll takes you just a 5 minutes to sort it and take away in a car boot.
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Lopifit Electric Walking Bike
Use the treadmill outdoors! The Lopifit is a totally new way of moving. With the electric assist it takes no more effort to walk than “a walk in the park”. The electric assist in combination with the gear is boosting your walking pace up to the speed of a regular bike.
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Belt Buckle Mutlitool
This belt buckle multitool is unique in 2 ways. Firstly, if you wear a belt, it'll always be with you, which can be priceless. Secondly, the tool comes in different varieties specializing in bike repair, skateboard repair, or snowboard repair.
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MOTOPOGO Self Balancing Electric Cycle
The Moto Pogo Self Balancing Electric Cyclefeatures a single wheel design, with built-in handlebars, footpads, and a saddle directly above the wheel.
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