Keep Moving Treadmill Desk
If you spend a lot of work or play time at the computer, this $500 investment is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself. Keep moving, keep healthy.
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Self Rolling Yoga Mat
The revolutionary YoYo Mat is the one and only fitness and yoga mat that rolls up on its own with a simple click. It stays neatly rolled with no need for straps.
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ShapeScale 3D Body Scanner
3D Body Scanning Scale & Fitness Tracker that visualizes fat loss and muscle gains.
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Biostrap Total Health Wearable
Your body movements are too complex for just one activity tracking device. That’s why the Biostrap platform utilizes two devices that work in harmony to help you understand your body and take your training to the next level.
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iPhone Holding Water Bottle
It seems like a bad idea, but storing your phone in your water bottle is actually really smart.
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Iron Man Kettlebell
Train like a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist with 40lbs of iron, man.
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Tespo Liquid Vitamin Dispenser
Explore a better way to take vitamins. Pure and effective, the Tespo system provides only active ingredients in a liquid shot, making it easier for your body to absorb all of the essential nutrients it needs, each and every time.
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QALO Wedding Rings for Athletes
QALO silicone wedding rings are made out of material that’s perfect solution for an alternative wedding ring. Each ring is made out of: Hypoallergenic, Non-Conductive, Non-Porous Medical Grade Silicone.
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Climball - An Engaging Two-Player Ballgame
Combining the best of pinball, air hockey and climbing, Climball is the coolest (and only) two-player ballgame you can play by climbing. Watch the game play in the video below and prepare your forearms!
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Quell - Wearable Pain Relief
Worn just below the knee and activated by simply clicking a button, Quell taps into your body's natural pain relief response, blocking pain signals to deliver widespread pain relief. Apparently it gets great reviews... I'm still suspicious.
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DribbleUp Smart Basketball
Take your ball handling to the next level with the first ever smart basketball + app that tracks your dribbling live. The best part? No battery charging necessary!
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