Memento Mori
The Memento Mori medallion. These coins are designed with the intention of carrying them in your pocket, a literal and inescapable reminder that “you could leave life right now.”
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Google Language Translating Earbuds
Get real-time translation with Google Translate. Just touch and hold the right earbud to activate the Google Assistant on your Pixel.
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CUJO Smart Internet Security Firewall
CUJO will secure all devices connecting to your WiFi router. CUJO detects and blocks malicious sites, viruses, and hacks. Think of it like antivirus for your entire network.
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Tinder Swiping Robot
Get the Tinda Finger and automate your miserable love life.
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Phoozy Heat- & Cold-Blocking Phone Thermal Capsule
The PHOOZY is the first thermal capsule for your smartphone. It provides military grade protection from the sun, heat, cold and shock while also providing float protection. The PHOOZY is made from materials that were developed to protect astronauts from the space vacuum of death.
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Wynd: The smartest air purifier for your personal space
Wynd creates a bubble of clean air around you by removing dust, allergens, smoke, and pollution from your personal space. It filters harmful particles out of the air around you to help you stay healthy.
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This kit allows you to turn off any TV with the click of a button. Open source kit version of the popular TV-B-Gone is fun to make and even more fun to use.
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Aire Self-Flying Robotic Home Assistant
Unlike any other robot, Aire travels effortlessly anywhere in your home, re-imagining automation, security, smart assistants & more.
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90 Day Battery Life Cell Phone
It's cool, but GSM only. Would be cooler if it had a CDMA option.
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Luna Display
The only hardware solution that turns any iPad into a true, wireless second display. Luna Display seamlessly extends your Mac desktop to your iPad, creating a wireless second monitor with stunning image quality.
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The Skull Ultra Loud Alarm Clock with Bed Shaker
How about 113 decibels of screaming terrifying sound that will make you cry like a little baby?
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