HuMn Mini Wallet
Featuring aircraft-grade anodized aluminum metal plates which are held in place by elastic cord strap with laser engraved HuMn logo, it keeps a clean and contemporary aesthetic. The HuMn Mini Wallet is suitable for spontaneous shopping sprees and travel.
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World’s Most Advanced Toolbox
You hear that? WORLD'S MOST ADVANCED TOOLBOX! Seriously thought, they took the better half of 2.5 years to go from Indigogo to finally shipping their product. Kudos to them for committing to the follow-thru-- better still, people who have received them are very happy with it.
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GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device
This kit gives you long lasting, professional teeth whitening results at-home — with no sensitivity. Unless of course you're sensitive to people calling you names, because you will look ridiculous.
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Rollbe Super Compact Measuring Wheel
Rollbe’s super compact versions - 4 Inch and 10 cm are designed to be the most compact ruler on the market. They are similar to the size of a coin, so the ruler will always fit in your pocket.
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Wearable Chairless Chair
Chairless Chair. The Chairless Chair enables ergonomic workplace design.
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Phoozy Smartphone Thermal Capsule
PHOOZY is the world's first thermal capsule that shields your phone from the sun, extreme heat and freezing cold - while also providing drop and float protection.
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Eruption Disruption Volcano Microwave Cleaner
We know your refrigerator is disgusting. Fix it. Just add water and vinegar till the markings and place in the microwave for 5-8 minutes on high heat. Afterward, you just need a sponge, rag or napkin and all the grime comes right off.
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Pocket Bellow Collapsible Fire Tool
Pocket Bellows is an ancient fire-starting technology, molded into a modern telescopic hand tool. Start rolling fires with wet or dry firewood in minutes. Gives distance/keeps your face away from the fire when adding oxygen.
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Duct Tape Engineer: The Book of Big, Bigger, and Epic Duct Tape Projects
This book shows you how to design, sculpt, and build backpacks, kayaks, catapults, a queen-size bed, and even even a writing desk and chair with duct tape.
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Color Changing Duct Tape
Duct tape that glows in the dark? Yes please. With variations from purple to pink, blue to white, or orange to red, you'll be putting thermal duct tape on everything.
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Root Slayer Shovel
Root Slayer transplanting and multi-purpose shovel digs through sod and roots like they're not there, with its sharpened "Inverted V" cutting blade tip and specially designed root-cutting rip saw teeth, eliminating the need for saws, hatchets, pry-bars, and more.
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