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Splat Flexible Tripod for Go-Pro
Splat is a flexible tripod that adjusts to any surface and can hold Mirroless and compact cameras in countless positions. It has five extremely durable legs that can be contorted and adjusted to hold compact cameras.
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Pro-Pointer Waterproof Metal Detector
This detector is ideal for beginners and turns a day at the beach into a possible underwater treasure hunt. This metal detector is fully waterproof up to 10 feet and boasts a bright orange color for added visibility when under water.
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The Crook-Catcher Deluxe Thief Detection Kit
There are two primary methods for thief detection and identification of stolen items. One marks the thief with invisible markings which can later be revealed under ultraviolet (UV) light, and the other marks the thief with an immediately-visible stain.
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HK2 Covert Universal Handcuff Key
The perfect handcuff key for everyday carry. Intended for use by trained law enforcement, military and security professionals.
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The Tetrabin
Tetrabin uses gamified approaches – making use of game mechanics and game thinking – turn an activity traditionally considered trivial, such as depositing rubbish into a bin, into a joyful event.
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NatureZap Weed Killer
Works great on weeds, works better on kids! NatureZap! Can you smell what's cookin'?
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Fire Extinguisher Ball
The AFO Fire Extinguisher Ball is a fire suppressant packaged in a compact and lightweight ball that self-detonates in 3 to 5 seconds when it comes into contact with fire and disperses non-toxic chemicals to extinguish the flames in an area ranging between 86 to 107 square feet.
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Kardia Mobile ECG
A small device barely bigger than a thumb drive, it pairs with a smartphone app (iOS and Android) to give you EKG readings any time you want it. It’s fast, too, allowing you to take a medical-grade reading in just 30 seconds.
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GoFish Cam
The GoFish Cam is an underwater action camera designed to sit on your fishing line and work with our mobile application via WiFi!
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Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck
Engineered with toughness in mind…holds up to 150 lbs., but only weighs 9 lbs. t's slim size helps it store anywhere....on a peg hook in your garage or closet, in your trunk, a nook or cranny in your RV.
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Day & Night Earth & Moon Discs for Homestar Planetarium
You might not be given the change to visit the space. But with our discs you are given the chance to bring the beauty of outer space to your home. The discs include pictures from the moon's far side, the earth during the day as well as at night.
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