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The Grypmat - The World’s Most Versatile Tool Mat
A high-performance, flexible, non-magnetic, non-slip, chemical resistant, anti-static, rubber tool mat. A mechanic’s Best Friend.
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Coin-Sized Tracking Device
Make misplacing your belongings a thing of the past with TrackR bravo! Attach the coin-sized TrackR bravo to any item - then use the TrackR app to locate it in seconds. Quickly ring a missing wallet around the home or press the button on the TrackR to ring your phone on silent.
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Kinkajou Bottle Cutter
Kinkajou makes it easier to get that perfect score line that is essential for a clean glass separation. It can be used to turn bottles into personalized glassware, lamps, vases, candle holders and so many other things.
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AIRE Digestive Tracker & Fart Predictor
AIRE is a breath test device. It's small but powerful. Together with its app it can help you find the foods that are most compatible with your digestive system. We like to think of it as a personal digestive tracker.
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Escape & Evasion Gun Belt
The Escape & Evasion Gun Belt was designed by former CIA officer Jason Hanson who wanted a gun belt that could hold gear that may save his life one day. Each belt is handcrafted in the mountains of Cedar City, UT.
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Pocket-Sized Lantern And Flashlight
This flashlight & mini Lantern is the smallest member of the Lighthouse family boasts 150 lumens. Usb rechargeable, dimmable & Ipx6 weatherproof design, it's he perfect companion for the weight-conscious adventurer & pairs perfectly with Goal Zero nomad solar panels.
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American Bench Craft Dual Snap Key Fob
Handcrafted from premium vegetable-tanned leather and high-grade stainless steel, this American-made key fob combines excellent craftsmanship and creative versatility to be the ideal home for your keys. The dual snap design makes it easy to attach or detach individual keys.
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Saxophone Pipe
Nothing says cool like some smooth jazz and a bowl of the devils lettuce.
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T-Rex Bottle Opener
For refreshment back from extinction, this cast-iron Tyrannosaurus Rex bites off bottle tops with ease. Like no other bottle opener, this monstrous utensil will be the center piece of any home bar or the talking point of any party.
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Smartphone Holster
Phonster X - multifunctional holster for your phone, wallet and other everydaycarry stuff (keys, pen, power bank, passport, flash drive, earphones, lightning cable and more). Made from 100% genuine leather, it provides smart, easy and fast access to all your essentials.
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Saver Fire Safety Breathing System
The Saver Emergency Breath System is a personal life-saving device that allows you to breathe clean air in the event of a fire.
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