Bug Zapper Electric Insect Killer
This might be one of the cooler looking bug zappers I've seen. The mosquito killer utilizes rays of a particular frequency given off by tubes to attract pests,which will be electrocuted on the high-voltage grid inside.
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Dango T01 Tactical Wallet
The Tactical Wallet was designed for the outdoor enthusiast that loves to keep things clean and needs to have tools easily accessible. There are over 14 functions built in. The Dango Multi-Tool slides into the cavity where the cards sit.
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Firebiner Carabiner & Firestarter
The Firebiner from Outdoor Element is one of those multi-function tools that really makes sense. Half carabiner, half firestarter, the Firebiner means never losing your firestarter.
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Beeline, the smart compass for bikes.
Ride with Beeline and make every journey an everyday adventure. By simply showing you the direction to your destination and the distance to go, Beeline allows you to take back control of your ride.
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PowerShell Folding Work Light
Whether you're working construction or tackling a DIY project on your back deck, PowerShell is the perfect light for any site. This compact LED source is packed with three power outlets, a roomy handle for easy portability and mounting, and a protective plastic clamshell case.
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Ruler Bracelet
An item that deserve to be a part of anyone's everyday carry.
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TIHK Covert Ops Evade & Escape Multi Tool
OMG guys. Covert Ops... tihk about it.
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The Extractor Bite & Sting Kit
It sucks, and it cuts! More or less. Small, reusable vacuum pump helps remove poisons below your skin in 1 quick motion; use for snake bites, bee/wasp stings, mosquito bites, and more
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Drip-Free Paint Roller
$40? How about an $8 roller and a $10 drop cloth? No, that's not why you're here. Spoiler: I bet it still drips.
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Gravity Therapeutic Weighted Blanket
Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety. A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
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Sync II Multi-Tool Belt Buckle
The functionality of a multi-tool is useless if you don't have it on hand when you need it. The syncs are multi-tools designed to easily be worn with the detachable base as a belt buckle or simply Clipped on a pack strap or boot.
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