Hatch Yourself Praying Mantis Eggs!
The praying mantis is an awesome, showy creature and can help to control garden insect pests the organic way.
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Projector Toilet Night Light
I don't know. It could be funny to use the poo emoji.
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Sup Coco Doormats
Let's get this conversation started. Sup?
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Shelf by Artifox
This minimalist wall SHELF adds storage and functionality to any space. Its reversible design allows you to create endless styling options. Pair it with PEGS, BANDS, BASKET 01 or BASKET 02 to showcase your favorite items.
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Circle Swing II
SWING is an example of a high-quality and minimalist design, as well as an open invitation to good, clean fun. No time for morning exercises? Jump inside this miniature joyride and get your swing on while no one is watching.
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Amazingly Accurate Tomato Slicer
The Best Slicer to Create 13 Excellent Tomato Pieces – Arc Tomato Slicer is the perfect solution to cut decent slices of tomato consistently to 13 uniform pieces in no time!
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Animal Stool with Tail
With its wooden legs shaped like real legs and paws as well as a furry cover complete with a dangling "tail", the Animal Stool will bring a touch of the wilds of Japan right into your home or office.
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Milky Way Soap
These handmade soap bars are out of this world! Tailored Soap carries the original Galaxy soaps, and the Milky Way soap is one of the two new additions to the collection!
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Tubular Glass Tree House
You don't have to be a child to enjoy this treehouse. A multidisciplinary design firm, A. Masow Architects, envisioned a beautiful tubular structure that can be built in the forest. The structure can be built around trees, so there is no need to cut down any.
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The Horizontal Shower
For the first time, a reclining shower experience. I would sleep here, actually. RIP my water bill.
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Glitter Agate MacBook Decal
This glitter agate macbook decal in blue, yellow, mint and gold is made of vinyl and is sure to add a whole new element of style to your laptop. Each marble decal is hand designed using spray paint and glitter and then photographed and printed on premium high quality vinyl.
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