Bunch Of Cats In Here Doormat
You've been warned.
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WEE! Swing Desk
This unique piece of furniture is WEE! and it certainly looks like a rather fun method of introducing a bit of movement into our lives! It beautifully merges together both a working desk and a playful swing to create an item of furniture that allows the user to stay productive.
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All in One Total Garden Starter Kits
Our garden starter kit includes 5 varieties of organic non gmo seeds plus everything you’ll need for success. Functional Accessories like a shovel to handle soil, pot bases to keep your growing area clean, & beautiful wood plant markers to identify your pots.
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Evapolar evaLIGHT Personal Air Conditioner
Evapolar evaLIGHT cooler humidifies, purifies and chills the air using evaporative technology. Best for hot dry climates.
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Motorized Pool Lounger
Motorized inflatable chair for swimming pools, lakes, or any calm aquatic environment. Cruise around the pool in style. Speed up to 2mph. Battery and charger included.
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Smell-Based Alarm Clock
What if you could wake up happier, more motivated, and ready to take on each day? With Sensorwake Trio, you choose from a wide variety of smells, like coffee, the beach, forest, or peppermint. Change them out as often as you change your mind. Stop hating your alarm clock.
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Kapsul Window Air Conditioner
The Kapsul W5 connected window air conditioner is redefining what air conditioners can be. We pack the performance of a traditional 5,000 BTU window air conditioner into a beautiful design that’s just 7” tall and twice as quiet as existing units.
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Kama Sutra Scratch Poster
The time has come for your to sensually pretzel your way to orgasmic bliss and mark off your progress on this poster. Yes, the folks behind those fabulous scratchy try-new-things posters have made a saucy one.
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Pencil Dice - Pencil with Integrated Rolling Dice
The simple addition of dice markings to a six sided pencil makes all the difference. Just role the pencil to utilize its dice function.
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Mat Walk - Bath Mat with Built-in Slippers
A bathmat with slippers built right in, allowing you to walk comfortably and without slipping, while at the same time wiping the wet floor.
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Motion & Vibration Sofa Device
Immersit is the first ready-to-use product that can be experienced from any couch and that literally takes you inside the movie/game.
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