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SweatBlock Clinical Strength 7-Day Antiperspirant
SweatBlock antiperspirant stops excessive underarm sweating for up to 7-days per use*. The trade-secret formula and unique application method combine to deliver results you can count on when it matters most.
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Aromatherapy Shower Kit
The starter kit comes with the attachment device plus three unforgettable blends: Breathe, Passion and Unwind. No tools required and sets up in seconds. Instant aromatherapy when you need it most. Unforgettable, guys.
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Sonicare Flexcare Connected Toothbrush
The Touchup feature provides customized guidance based on your personal brushing data so you can immediately address any missed areas and achieve a more complete clean.
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Light & Music Shower System
Black NickelSerenity Light and Music System is a self contained, shower proof,compact 10"diameter module that produces high-intensity fullspectrum light and sound for the most relaxing chromatherapyexperience, with the new Voice Response Feedback.
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Numi Toilet by Kohler
The Numi toilet brings you the finest in personal comfort and cleansing. Kohler's most advanced toilet now offers personalized settings that let you fine-tune every option to your exact preferences, from ambient colored lighting to wireless bluetooth.
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Charcoal Refrigerator Odor Eggs
At home around your stinky bathroom, or disgusting fridge, this egg shaped lump of coal and diatomaceous earth will take care of all the nasty odors that trail behind you.
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WaterTile Ambient Rain Overhead Shower Panel
With their 22-nozzle sprayheads, watertile ambient rain overhead showering panels provide luxurious water delivery that even mother nature would envy. Four fully adjustable square sprayheads distribute a stimulating shower of water that simulates a summer rain.
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Fruity Booty - Squatty Potty Unicorn Toilet Spray
Unicorn Gold by Squatty Potty uses essential oils and colloidal gold to stop odors below the water and eliminate stink molecules above. Unicorn Gold is the number one way cast out your number two.
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Squatty Potty Bathroom Stool
Squatting to poop is good. Your colon's sweet spot comes with the squat. This is the only position where the Puborectalis Muscle fully relaxes, which straightens the kink and allows for a complete elimination without any straining. Bombs away.
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Quip Electric Toothbrush & Brushing Program
Quip will send you a fancy electric toothbrush that keeps track of your brush time, and send you replacement brush heads, paste and battery every three months. It's not for everyone, but if you're looking to stepping your brush game up, it might just be for you.
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Harry Potter House Sorting Bath Bomb
Don't let an ugly old sorting hat determine your fate-- bath bombs are the new talking wrinkly leather. This bath bomb is white with one of the four mystery colors hidden within. As it begins to fizz in your tub it will release the true color of your nature!
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