K-25 Smart Bath Towels 2.0
K-25 towels solve the biggest consumer pain. We applied scientific approach to tackle the problem. It was a long creative process with three variables in hand: fabric weight, pattern and weaving technique. After developing many prototype samples we achieved a perfect balance.
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Nose Hair Instant Waxing Plucker Sticks
The Nose Hair Instant Waxing Plucker Sticks have become something of a viral sensation due to, well, how funny you look when using them. But no one will argue with the results. These sticks can pluck and wax your nose hair from both nostrils.
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Mat Walk - Bath Mat with Built-in Slippers
A bathmat with slippers built right in, allowing you to walk comfortably and without slipping, while at the same time wiping the wet floor.
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CHIIZ Hands-Free Sonic-Powered Toothbrush
Expertly designed, the CHIIZ brush utilizes sonic technology to provide you clinical quality care, with just a single bite!
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EZ-Load Toilet Paper Holder
No more fighting with spindle-type toilet paper holders that make it difficult to change rolls! This holder truly is easy to load thanks to independent spring hinges on each side.
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Livin Smart Shower System
We're enabling joyful water use through thoughtful design. No longer will you have to wait for the perfect water temperature or take a step back to shampoo.
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TubShroom Drain Protector Hair Catcher/Strainer/Snare
TubShroom is a bathtub hair stopper fits snug inside your shower tub drain, effortlessly gathering each and every hair that tries to make its way down your vulnerable drain. It's the hero you deserve in your bathroom.
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K-25 Stink-Free, Super-Absorbent Towels
Soft, ultra absorbent and fast drying. Extra Large. Stop rubbing your skin with a towel, but rather tap-tap-tap it with K-25 :)
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Petrified Wood Bathtub
Don't worry, it's only two MILLION dollars.
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Emoji Poo Plunger
The Poo Emoji Plunger features an extended suction cup and fits securely on all types of drains. Made with 100% rubber and a heavy-duty plastic handle, this plunger clears any clog with minimal effort. The best part? The Poo Emoji Plunger is happy to do the work for you.
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Asswipes Flushable Hygiene Wipes
With chamomile, cucumber, aloe and vitamin E these wipes are sure to replace every wipe you need. This wipe is fragrance, alcohol, and paraben free so it’s safe for your ass, crotch, pits, face and feet!
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