Projector Toilet Night Light
I don't know. It could be funny to use the poo emoji.
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Milky Way Soap
These handmade soap bars are out of this world! Tailored Soap carries the original Galaxy soaps, and the Milky Way soap is one of the two new additions to the collection!
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The Horizontal Shower
For the first time, a reclining shower experience. I would sleep here, actually. RIP my water bill.
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GLO Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device
This kit gives you long lasting, professional teeth whitening results at-home — with no sensitivity. Unless of course you're sensitive to people calling you names, because you will look ridiculous.
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Color Changing Tiles
Inspired by the stunning Northern Lights of Alaska, this line features 4 x 4 glass tiles that appear black at room temperature and move through the color spectrum when temperature (warm water, radiant heat, etc) is applied.
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Hand Soap
For that clean all over feel.
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Water Walker Underwater Treadmill
It's wet, warm, and you won't want to leave. Sort of like your mothers womb.
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Sushi Soap Gift Set
This awesome gift set is scented in ginger fizz, A refreshing pop of fragrance, a blend of ginger, blood orange and lime! Each soap sushi piece is the same size as a real piece of sushi.
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Teeth Whitening Accelerator Kit
That is the face of intense pain. Worth it.
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Cherry Blossom Bath Bomb
Baths are nice, batch bombs make them better.
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Gold Toilet Paper
Delivered personally with a bottle of Champagne. Let's be real. This product does not exist. Feel free to prove me wrong.
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