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Coaster Werx Bottle Opener Coasters
Never look for a bottle opener again! Coasters stay in the living room or game room. We don’t carry them outside or put them in a drawer. We always know where they are and with the Opener coaster you will never have to search for a bottle opener again!
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Levitating Bonsai Tree
Perfect for the home or office, this indoor levitating/floating plant pot makes the perfect succulent pot, air plant pot, or small plant decoration.
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Safe-T Cohiba Extinguisher
Safe-T is a chic, stylish and uniquely designed fire extinguishing device. Unless dusty red bottles tagged with instructions is your thing, a fire extinguisher is most likely not the highlight of your interior!
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Charmander Ceramic Candle Holder
Seems a little expensive for a candle holder that you have to "cut up the tea candle..." to even get it to fit... So yeah, true to our name- here we are encouraging you to buy it.
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Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver
Damn! Kit includes: beaver planter, perennial ryegrass seeds and its own water bowl.
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Hand Crank GIF Machine
With a squared aluminum holding frame and a wood base with customizable plaque, the Giphoscope Vero is an interactive, one-off sculpture with endless gift possibilities.
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Katris Tetrimino Modular Cat Trees
Made of paper these blocks make up an entertainment center for your feline friends, as well as potentially providing functional space for you.
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The Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose
This life-sized replica of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast is absolutely everything you hope it will be! The removable glass dome is placed atop a wooden base, encasing a single magical rose. Fine gold glitter is dusted onto the petals to give it a whimsical sparkle.
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Dichroic Glass Table Lamp
This mesmerizing object exists somewhere between the realms of lighting and sculpture. Its reflective glass panels create vibrant optical illusions caused by metal particles that are embedded into the NASA-quality, dichroic glass.
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Tents in houses. What is it with these people?
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Cinema Box Marquee Light
Who hasn't wondered what it would be like to see their name up in lights? You could be walking down the street and see a marquee that reads "Tonight only! The Number One Most Famous, Loved, and Adored Person on Earth! YOU!" Can you imagine?
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