In-Shell Egg Scrambler
The egg scrambler is easy to make the golden egg without breaking the shell. It may be the most fun way to mix yolk and white inside egg shell!
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Grilled Cheese Toaster
Make two perfectly toasted, hot and melty cheese sandwiches in just minutes.
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Mini Waffle Stick Maker
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IRONATE - 3-Minute Brick Oven Pizza on Your Stovetop
Look at that dough spring to life. When pizza dough touches IRONATE, it instantly recieves as much heat as it would in a brick oven. It starts bubbling and creates a tasty crust.
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Vacu Vin Cocktail Layering Tool
Creating a layered cocktail is no longer for professionals only. The special design slows down the fluids as they are being poured and creates beautiful layers, based on the density of the fluids.
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Easy Hot Sandwich Toaster Bags
Perfect for toast, grilled cheese, french toast, french fries and more. There are so many more things you can stuff in your toaster now!
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Wolverine Claws Steak Knife Holder
I dunno... this seems like a terrible idea. You could fall and pierce an organ.
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Wall Mounted Can Crusher
Be a recycling evangelist. Works for both 12 ounce and 16 ounce cans.
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Kitchen Multi Tool
On first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking the Kitchen Multi Tool is a bit of a gimmick. But as soon as you start peeling out a few of the tools you quickly realise that this is a seriously useful and functional kitchen accessory.
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Calorie Free Air Fryer
The latest model of electric Air Fryer lets you enjoy your favorite foods without the added calories of oil.
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Clean Dreams Kitchen sponge holder
Once the dishes are clean and bright, lay your sponge in its bed and let it sleep tight.
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