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Good and Cheap: Eat Well on $4/Day
By showing that kitchen skill, and not budget, is the key to great food, Good and Cheap will help you eat well—really well—on the strictest of budgets.
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Ninja Coffee Bar Glass Carafe System
The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve and glass carafe coffee system-complete with a built-in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities, a host of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the comfort of home.
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Wolverine Meat Claws
Now you can harness your inner Wolverine with these stainless steel meat claws that are designed for handling larger pieces of meat such as roasts, turkey, chicken, and ham. Use the claws to shred up your meat in a matter of minutes.
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Panda Rice Mold
So much edible cuteness!
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T-Rex Bottle Opener
For refreshment back from extinction, this cast-iron Tyrannosaurus Rex bites off bottle tops with ease. Like no other bottle opener, this monstrous utensil will be the center piece of any home bar or the talking point of any party.
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The Sizzling Steak Set
The SteakStones Sizzling Steak Set is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of Hot Stone Cooking. Tthe dry heat of the lava stone sears in the natural moisture and flavours of your chosen cut and with no oils or fats required its a fresh, fun and healthy way to cook.
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Fourneau Bread Oven
The Fourneau Bread Oven is the ultimate tool to help you make the most beautiful and most delicious loaf of bread at home. Made in the USA by Strand Design.
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The Whisk Wiper
The simplest way to whisk. In seconds, clean a whisk without frustration or mess.
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Big Squeeze: The Ergonomic Tube Squeezing Tool
The squeeze tube solution that ensures you get every last drop out of all your tubes - saving you time and money. How much money, nobody really knows, but some, nonetheless.
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Pelamatic Fruit & Vegetable Peeler
Peel fruits and vegetables with ease and safety. Peels at a rate of three fruits per minute. While not the fastest FPM, it will buy you precious time that you can spend watching it peel.
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Food 3D Printer
The future is bleak indeed if we are calling a glorified pancake robot a 3D Food Printer.
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