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Skull Gas Fireplace Logs
These skulls are made of fire proof materials so they are great for a fire place or fire pit.
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The Renegade Broom
The Renegade Broom is a curved pull broom. Like a rake, you pull dirt and debris toward you rather than pushing it away. By pulling the arched bristles toward you, you get more surface contact, picking up dirt and debris that a traditional broom leaves behind.
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Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver
Damn! Kit includes: beaver planter, perennial ryegrass seeds and its own water bowl.
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Night Riderz Backyard Zip Line Kit
The Night Riderz zipline kit extends your zipline fun into the night with 50 LED lights on the seat, rope and trolley. Brand 44 ziplines help improve strength and balance all while riding a just a few feet off the ground.
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Ceramic Bulbasaur Planter
This one goes out to all you leaf types...
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Kobi Autonomous Yard Work Robot
Kobi is the world’s first fully autonomous all-season garden robot. It mows your lawn. It removes your leaves. And it blows away the snow.
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Solar Powered Hydroponic Grow Box
A time-saving and environmentally responsible hydroponic garden, the coffee table-sized growbot abundance has space for 78 plants which will flourish with minimal nurturing! ideal for those new to gardening, the growbot offers simplicity, convenience and sustainability.
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DIY Terrarium Kit
No time for full sized landscaping? Build a terrarium! It will keep you entertained for at least a half day!
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Wisteria Bonsai Tree Kit
The Chinese wisteria is a shade-tolerant vine, but it blooms best when grown in the sun. It prefers a deep, rich loam, has a moderate growth rate and is very easy to grow. The vine is easily pruned to keep it contained.
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Heart Shaped Cucumber Mold Set
First it was square melons, but then some creative folks in Yamagata Prefecture made our cucumbers into hearts and changed our salads forever! Who says greens can't be interesting?!
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Viking Ship Fire Pit
Start prepping now for your Viking Burial! It's made from 18 gauge metal and is approx. 40 inches in length and 16 inches wide.
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