3D Illusion LED Night Light
It's an illusion, Michael!
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Peeling Wall Light
A wall light that looks as if a corner of a wall were peeling and light was leaking therefrom. OLED is used to make the light source as thin as possible and the electric cable is let to stay along a corner of walls so that it doesn’t stand out.
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Luminoodle XL Light Rope with Power Bank
Plug the Luminoodle into any portable USB battery pack or USB port and hang, drape or stick it nearly anywhere for a beautiful, bright light.
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400 Lumen Striker Concepts Flexible Flashlight
A high intensity CREE LED located in the center of the FLEXiT 4.0 will illuminate objects in the distance, while 12 wide-angle LEDs will flood the surrounding area with 400 lumens.
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Game Boy Night Light
Add instant ambience and soft glow to your home in the shape of the best games console ever: the GameCube!
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Banana Table Lamp
11 inches of banana lamp. Enjoy.
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Philips Sunrise Simulation Clock
Light alarm clock for a more natural wakeup: sunrise alarm improves your ability to function in the morning.
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Modular Smart Lighting Panels
Nanoleaf Aurora smarter kit works with both iOS and Android devices. It beautifully blends lighting design and technology and gives you easy control from the app, voice control, or the physical controller.
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Flame Simulating LED Light Bulb
Perfect for your Gothic rambler in the suburbs.
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App Controlled Twinkly String Lights
'Tis the season to add strings of lights to our houses!
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Mario Chain Chomp Lamp
The Super Mario Chain Chomp Lamp, perfect for lighting up your workspace so you can ask for that raise or just finish your homework. This task light has the Chain Chomp's head on a swivel so that you can direct the beam just where you need it.
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