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Pocket-Sized Lantern And Flashlight
This flashlight & mini Lantern is the smallest member of the Lighthouse family boasts 150 lumens. Usb rechargeable, dimmable & Ipx6 weatherproof design, it's he perfect companion for the weight-conscious adventurer & pairs perfectly with Goal Zero nomad solar panels.
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The Mono Lamp
Globes of the earth are overrated. Get this Mono Lamp and you'll have to explain what the frick it actually is to everyone who dares enter your space.
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Modular Lighting System
Helios is a modular touch screen wall light. This design allows the user to effectively swipe where they want or need light, turning the walls into a canvas for illumination using their hand as the brush.
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Disco Ball String Lights
They're battery-powered so you can take the party anywhere (or even wear them!) and, unlike fairy lights, when the batteries eventually run out – you're still left with ten glorious glitter balls.
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The Nanoleaf Aurora Modular Lighting
Aurora's nine sleek, triangular light panels can be connected and arranged into just about any shape you desire; as soon as you've mounted them on the wall the real fun can begin.
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Gummygoods Nightlight
It's pretty simple. We took your (and our) favorite candy and made it into a big, squeezable, huggable colorful night light.
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Kootek Tactical Flashlight Knife
I mean, I guess I see where this could come in handy, but honestly, in a self-defense situation, am I going to ask the threat to wait while I unscrew the top to my knife?
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Smart Outdoor Security Light
Kuna is a smart home security camera in a stylish outdoor light that detects and allows you to interact with people outside your door. The security device includes HD live and recorded video, two-way intercom, alarm, smart motion detection alerts to your phone, and more.
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Shark Hologram LED Night Light Lamp
Fueling nightmares comes easy for this hologram shark nightlight...
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Multicolor Butterflies and Sprouts Sconce Lamp
The translucency of paper filters the light as a vitraux. You can use a warm light of the desired wattage. You can use whether energy-saving or LED bulbs. We recommend a LED lightbulb for their environmental qualities.
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Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight
Meet Pablo the Pufferfish Nightlight. He's cute. He's orange. He's wireless. He emits a powerful orange glow and fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Pablo gets a little sleepy after an hour and will automatically switch off to conserve energy.
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