NeuroGum Nootropic Energy Gum
NeuroGum is the world's first cold-compressed, nootropic energy gum. Its proprietary blend of natural green tea caffeine + L-Theanine and brain-activating B-vitamins gives you the focus, clarity, and lasting energy to take on the world.
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Any Functioning Adult Bumper Sticker
At this point I'm not too picky.
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Off-Grid Solar Panel Backpack
Charges your phone as fast as it charges at home using industry leading SunPower high-efficiency cells. Approximately 2 hours in direct sunlight charges most smartphones completely.
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Modular Smart Lighting Panels
Nanoleaf Aurora smarter kit works with both iOS and Android devices. It beautifully blends lighting design and technology and gives you easy control from the app, voice control, or the physical controller.
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Glow In The Dark Star Stickers
Realistic glow in the dark star stickers for a complete 3D star ceiling.
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Super Nintendo Heat Change Mugs
It's obligatory to sing the Star Power theme in your head when you take a caffeinated hit from one of the Super Nintendo Heat Change Mugs.
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Let's Get Physical - Fit, fun and fabulous
Say what you like about the 80s, people looked f*cking cool when they exercised. Fitness fashion was at its peak.
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Shit For Brains Trivia Game
Shit For Brains was borne out of a love for bar trivia and a hate for boring facts. Frustrated with questions about Presidents (but not about naked Presidents), and rivers (but not about rivers catching on fire), and animals (but not about weirdly-shaped animal penises).
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Coffee Table Drink Cooler
Designed with a refrigerator drawer, the Sobro keeps beverages and food chilled and always within reach. Featuring Bluetooth speakers, charging ports, LED lights, and a sleek touch panel for optimal control, the Sobro coffee table always keeps you connected.
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Remote Control Cockroach
Helping you be the worst roommate ever since 1999.
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Light Up LED Dress
Digital Pixel Aurora LED dress with wireless control and over than 800 smart ultrabright micro LED bulbs. Famously worn by Katy Perry. So... yeah. Apparently it's so cool they won't even show you the price unless you register on their site.
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