Meteorite Starter Kit
We are offering a one of a kind “Meteorite Starter Kit”. It includes about 5 grams of Meteorites and a Rare Earth Meteorite Magnet. These Meteorites are NWA XXX unclassified. They are for the most part magnetic and the rare earth magnet included will make it enjoyable.
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The World is Your Burger
Celebrate the classic hamburger with this unprecedented collection of essays, photographs, and ephemera - a colourful look at the burger's origins and impact, assembled by a true burgerphile whose passion has taken him around the globe.
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Personalized Pet Pokemon Cards
Get your favorite pet immortalized as it's own custom Pokemon! Comes with card spec stats, meaning you can actually throw it down during a battle!
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Just Wanted To Say High Cards
Cards for any occasion, dispensarie and smokeshop. Dope Cards have a built in pre-roll holder. Pre-rolls not included, obviously.
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Sound Wave Tattoos
Up to a minute of audio you can get tattooed and play back using your mobile device.
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Jenga: Tetris Edition
Get a whole new angle on Jenga! It's the classic stacking game with a Tetris twist. The translucent Jenga blocks are shaped like the ones in the electronic Tetris game, so it's an even tougher challenge to pull them out and stack them on top!
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Flexing Arnold Read Window Wiper Decal
Waving guns outside of your car has never been more socially acceptable!
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The Bro Romper
Turn heads and break hearts.with the romper made just for men.
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Conductive Circuitry Wallpaper
Flavor Paper and UM Project have joined forces to develop an interactive wall covering product combining conductive wallpaper and functional devices. The low tech-high touch integration of 2D and 3D elements creates a novel and immersive experience.
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Nanodots Gyro Duo Desk Toy
The invisible world of magnetism is indeed a fascinating one, and the Nanodots Gyro Duo Desk Toy is one of the most fun ways to play and experiment with this natural phenomenon.
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Cel Shaded Jeans
If you love Borderlands and/or comic books, these pants are made for you!
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