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Automated Smart Chess Board
Bringing to you the world’s smartest, most connected and the most evolved chess board. It enables you to play your favourite game against a fellow chess enthusiast from anywhere in the world. The automated board is designed to reflect the move of your opponent with precision.
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Kuri Personal Home Robot
Kuri quickly learn your home's floor plan, where stairs are, and which room belongs to whom. Kuri learns the rhythm of your household, can wake you in time for work and greet you when you come home at night! You can even send her into your kids' room to tell a bedtime story.
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Superman Minimalistic Decal
A high quality vinyl decal sticker. Easy to use, easy to apply, easy to remove. Won't leave behind any sticky residue.
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Lockpick Earrings
This set of earrings features a complete pick set, ensuring that your tools are never out of reach. Each earring features 2 picks and a double-ended turning tool. Whichever tool you select, the other side will give you a turning tool to put to use with it.
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Wearable Robot Suit
The fighting machines from James Cameron’s Avatar are stepping out from the reel and into real life. BOW DOWN.
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ODiN Aurora Projection Mouse
The ODiN laser-projection mouse is the world’s first laser projection mouse which redefines your daily user habits for controlling, designing and gaming on your computer.
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To The Moon Habanero Hot Sauce
This Mexican Style Hot Sauce has some great natural pepper flavor from the Red Habaneros and Smoked Ghost Peppers. It was originally designed for Dogecoin. The peppers take center stage in this sauce with Onions, Vinegar, Lime Juice, Garlic, and Salt all playing backup.
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Beam, the Smart Projector that Fits in Any Light Socket
Beam is a light bulb projector equipped with a smart computer, inside a beautifully designed casing. It can turn any flat surface into a big screen!
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Lumos Energy Strips
Error 404: No calories found in strip. Just kidding it's not an error. You’re welcome. Each strip contains caffeine equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee, at a kick of 30 mg per strip.
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The USB Kill 2.0 Computer Killer
Simply put: used on unprotected equipment, the USB Killer instantly and permanently disables unprotected hardware. The device is often paired with the USB Killer Protection Shield, which allows for testing of the USB Killer itself, without damaging the host device.
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Fidget Cube: A Vinyl Desk Toy
An unusually addicting, high-quality desk toy designed to help you focus. Fidget at work, in class, and at home in style.
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