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Mrs. Potts & Chip Teapot Set
High quality ceramic that is both functional and entertaining.
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The Beauty And The Beast Enchanted Rose
This life-sized replica of the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast is absolutely everything you hope it will be! The removable glass dome is placed atop a wooden base, encasing a single magical rose. Fine gold glitter is dusted onto the petals to give it a whimsical sparkle.
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The World’s Most Expensive Potato Chips
These are not just any potato chips. These are potato chips made with some of the most exclusive ingredients available in the Nordics. For the best taste experience, these chips should be savored with S:t Eriks India Pale Ale.
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Beanie Baby Tag Dog Costume
Who else used to collect Beanie babies growing up? Who still does? In my eyes my pups are two big fluffy beanie babies, so it's a fitting halloween costume! What's so great about this is that it is a simple addition to your dog's existing collar.
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Titanic Deckchair Artifact Display
Each of these handmade displays features an incredibly rare fragment removed from the remains of a damaged Titanic deckchair that was recovered from the scene. My only question is, when can I get a piece of the WTC.
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Pokeball Terrariums
This is a one of a kind terrarium is made from diorama crafting supplies, real nature, and high quality figures. Any one would be thrilled to receive this as a gift! It's a one of a kind treasure!
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Turbo Flyer Airplane
Our classic Turbo Flyer® is a handmade balsa model airplane kit with thicker wood and better aerodynamics then the ones we had as kids. The plane comes in a sustainable cardboard carrying case that reduces wood warping and keeps it safe when not in use.
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Druzy Gemstone Cabochons
What are Druzy crystals? Druzy crystals are formed in volcanic areas of the earth when molten rock cools with trapped gases inside. As groundwater flows through the gaps created by the gases, minerals are deposited on the rocks which create a blanket of intense crystallization.
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10 Billion Zimbabwe Dollars
A 10 Billion Dollar Zimbabwe Bill. This Zimbabwe Hyperinflated Currency was the result of an economic collapse that was due to many things going wrong which influenced the lack of confidence in the currency. The government was printing money to support their own goals.
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NASA Gradient Raglan
"I can't believe how smart you look!", people will shout as you walk by with a strut. Don't worry, you don't have to actually work at NASA to get your hands on this chick magnet of a t-shirt.
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Game Of Thrones Periodic Table of Fate
Our meticulously crafted chart features major characters, houses, and bannermen from the hit television show, Game of Thrones (Updated for Season 5). Be warned though, spoilers abound as character fates are revealed throughout.
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