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Gravity Therapeutic Weighted Blanket
Gravity: The Weighted Blanket for Sleep, Stress and Anxiety. A weighted blanket engineered to be 10% of your body weight to naturally reduce stress and increase relaxation.
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9 Toothpick Crossbow
The ultimate in office warfare.
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Mini CCTV Screw Camera
If you order this, you are automatically the creepiest person in the world.
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Hidden Door Kit
Have you always wanted your own Secret Passage? or Hidden Door system like that bat cave? This unique patented hinge system is 100% made in the USA, It features the ability to be used for an inswing or out swing door system. It provides a 100% concealed doorway system.
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Cityscape Roller Blinds
Once you roll it out and the room becomes involved into pleasant half-light, and outside the window appears a beautiful view of the night city or the night sky.
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Dog Cave Bed
Peek-a-boo Bed - Specially Designed For Burrowers And Cuddlers. Treat your v v v good pup pup to a proper bedding experience.
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The Extractor Bite & Sting Kit
It sucks, and it cuts! More or less. Small, reusable vacuum pump helps remove poisons below your skin in 1 quick motion; use for snake bites, bee/wasp stings, mosquito bites, and more
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Wooden topographic map of any United States state
These beautiful 3D maps of each state show you the United States like you've never seen them before. Perfect for hanging on your wall or giving as a gift, each map shows a state's topography in the wood of your choosing. All maps are made to order, and no two maps are the same.
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Sword Keys
Now you can carry the world’s most legendary swords on your key ring! The Key Armory was created by nerds, whose lives were shaped by swords from fantasy stories and by the heroes who wielded them.
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Dry Erase Board Wall Paint
Brush on paint that turns almost any surface into a dry erase board.
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Which Cult Should I Join?
Covering 40 of the most high-profile, modern day cults, this entertaining book is set out like a classic 'choose you own adventure'.
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