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Hidden Door Kit
Have you always wanted your own Secret Passage? or Hidden Door system like that bat cave? This unique patented hinge system is 100% made in the USA, It features the ability to be used for an inswing or out swing door system. It provides a 100% concealed doorway system.
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Cityscape Roller Blinds
Once you roll it out and the room becomes involved into pleasant half-light, and outside the window appears a beautiful view of the night city or the night sky.
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Sword Keys
Now you can carry the world’s most legendary swords on your key ring! The Key Armory was created by nerds, whose lives were shaped by swords from fantasy stories and by the heroes who wielded them.
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Dry Erase Board Wall Paint
Brush on paint that turns almost any surface into a dry erase board.
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SolarGaps - Solar Panel Window Blinds
Reduce your apartment, home and/or business electricity bill by up to 70% with solar energy generating smart blinds.
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Ruler Bracelet
An item that deserve to be a part of anyone's everyday carry.
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Fire Missiles Cigarette Lighter Button
Do you want to end up on a list? Because this is how you end up on a list...
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Prosecco Popsicle, Anyone?
Each BELLINI popsicle contains half a glass of real prosecco, a splash of peach schnapps and we use blood oranges and hibiscus flowers to add natural colouring. Our BELLINI is made in Britain using only the finest natural ingredients.
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Insect Shield Outdoor Blanket
The new Insect Shield outdoor blanket offers built-in, odorless and effective protection. The blanket can be used by the entire family with no restrictions for use. It is machine washable and no special care is required, just do not dry clean, it removes the active ingredients.
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Stargazer's Watch
This Stargazer's Watch says you value the night sky of our Northern Hemisphere. The face features the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, and it comes with two leather bands, blue and black. It positively glows under the right lighting conditions.
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Shard Aurora Hand-Torched Titanium Pen
The Shard is a Montblanc rollerball compatible pen machined out of Aerospace Grade Titanium. Elegantly designed, the very edges that give the Shard its signature aesthetic also ensures an ergonomic fit that is both balanced and comfortable in use.
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