Geometric Cake Molds
Silicone mold Chocolate Block. The recipe of the cake is included!
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ZipStitch - Close Wounds Without Stitches
the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription. ZipStitch enables you to treat cuts with hospital-grade technology, when you can’t get to an ER for stitches.
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Soundots Modular Sound System
What if your stationary sound system was also a portable speaker? And a soundbar? And an intelligent robot capable of building a huge wall of sound together with others of its kind?
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Som Sleep Formula
Som is a sleep drink that's engineered to help you fall asleep faster and sleep better throughout the night*. It's drug-free, unlike over-the-counter sleep aids, and non habit-forming. All you have to do is drink one can 30 minutes before bed
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Ultra Realistic 3D Printed Moon Model
The Most Precisely Made Moon Model - Two and a half years were spent perfecting the AstroReality LUNAR. Each prototype was built, crafted and tested in accordance to NASA's LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) data to ensure unparalleled scientific accuracy.
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Aftercourse Post-Sex Wipes
Sex can be complicated, but your after care doesn’t need to be.
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Recycled Firefighter The Chief Everyday Carry Backpack
Made from repurposed firefighter coats and pants and may be different than the picture above. Every bag is completely unique and may include pockets, striping, letters, numbers, snaps, and other features that are a part of a firefighter's bunker gear.
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The Banana Phones
Steve Jobs would have been proud.
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Spooky Animated Hand Pillow
Animated pillow featuring a skeleton hand that reaches from within. 3spooky5me
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Happy Half Pint Glass
Is the glass half empty or half full, or does it really matter?
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Dessert Scented Slime
Put your discipline to the test with slime that smell like the most glorious dessert you've ever sniffed.
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