Dual Chamber Beer Glass
This is the first specialty glass released by the Pretentious Beer Glass Company. It is a cylindrical beer glass with two separate chambers inside that combine into one towards the lip.
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Airselfie 2
The reviews are abysmal on this poor little drone. Buyer beware.
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Egguins - Cook, Store & Serve Egg Holder
Cook, Store & Serve Egg holder in a shape of penguins.
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Vafel = Plant Based Waffle
Handmade in Boulder, Colorado from carefully selected plant-based ingredients. Delivered in environmentally friendly, compostable packaging. Serving Size 1 Vafel
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Charcoal: New Ways to Cook with Fire
In Charcoal, Citrin presents completely fresh ways to cook with fire and charcoal, not only grilling over the coals, but cooking inside them and finding inventive methods for searing and smoking.
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Flow Hives Langstroth-Style Cedar Beehive
"2.0 out of 5 stars Bees didn't like the flow frames and quality is not on par with the price. " - JoeVolcano
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Kaleidoscope Glasses
Want to experience the world in rainbow pixelated vision? No drinking and kaleidoscoping...
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After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates
These cannabis chocolates will have you unwinding faster than a glass of wine and an hour of yoga put together. Packed with a whopping 5mg of CBD per chocolate, these chocolates may contribute to a wonderful sense of bliss as your worries dissipate with every nibble.
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The Floating Picnic Table
The table comfortably seats 4 people and is float tested for 600 pounds. Built with safety in mind, the large surface area keeps it stable.
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Personal Coffee Pot Mug
I have a few pot a day habit...
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Flowcharts For Life’s Big Questions
If you need a book to guide your through deciding to drink at work or not, you do won't read this book, IMO.
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