Kaleidoscope Glasses
Want to experience the world in rainbow pixelated vision? No drinking and kaleidoscoping...
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After Eighth Cannabis Chocolates
These cannabis chocolates will have you unwinding faster than a glass of wine and an hour of yoga put together. Packed with a whopping 5mg of CBD per chocolate, these chocolates may contribute to a wonderful sense of bliss as your worries dissipate with every nibble.
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The Floating Picnic Table
The table comfortably seats 4 people and is float tested for 600 pounds. Built with safety in mind, the large surface area keeps it stable.
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Personal Coffee Pot Mug
I have a few pot a day habit...
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Flowcharts For Life’s Big Questions
If you need a book to guide your through deciding to drink at work or not, you do won't read this book, IMO.
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Scorpion Infused Vodka
Scrumptious boozy scorpion without any of the death or paralysis...
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Porto Potty
InstaPrivy is a compact, lightweight, instant use portable toilet and privacy shelter system.
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Koizumi Japanese Toaster Oven & Egg Fryer
Toast and fried eggs can be made together, perfect for breakfast alone.
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Transparent Swim Trunks
Suitable for swimming, beach surfing and etc
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For those times you like to pretend you played a part in landing on the moon.
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The Ice Cream Canteen - Vacuum Insulated Pint Container
It is important to be able to safely transport iced cream.
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