Live Action Whack-A-Mole
You will never outgrow this game.
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For Rectal Use Only Stickers
Pranks for the birds.
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Family Blankeez
The injustice here is that it is a gag gift.
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Monkey Face Orchid Seeds
It is entirely possible that science has gone too far.
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Hövding Gen 3 Personal Airbag
Whether a cyclist, or just a non-confident jogger, the Hövding is here for you... more specifically, your 'noggin. Watch the video, it's actually neat.
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Hand Knit Adult Onesies
Winter is coming, after all.
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Batman Sleep Mask
Let Batman's bra usher in the Night...
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Harry Potter Deluxe Advent Calendar
This would have been great a decade ago...
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Gourmet Tinned Octopus
Portugal would like to introduce you to octopus in a can... Felicidades.
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Connecting Pod Tents
Practice colonizing Mars by setting these up all over your yard and never being able to leave them without a space suit!
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Digital Rolling Ruler
Product concept looks neat. Apparently they have yet to ship to their backers and something less admirable may be going on. Look, but don't give these people any money... lest you waste it away. Seriously, read the comment thread on their money grab indiegogo...
To Be Announced

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