Deadpool Chia Pet
Why do people buy things like this?
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BFF Ugly Christmas Sweaters
This BFF sweater is perfect for making a colorful and fun statement at any holiday party.
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46" Wine Glass
I think I just found the Holy Grail.
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Crispy Corner Brownie Pan
When it comes to brownies, everyone covets those crispy corners! Crunch on the outside, ooey gooey goodness on the inside. With the Crispy Corners Brownie Pan, you can conquer the battle for the beloved corner squares!
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Dollar Tea Club
Discover three exotic new blends for $1.00/mo. Shipping is almost $5, so you know... that's how they get you.
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Rick And Morty Eyehole Chocolate Truffles
Packaged exactly as seen on the show, each box of Eyeholes contains 12 gourmet white chocolate truffles that are unparalleled in this dimension.
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Neil Armstrong Space Suit Hoodie
Stay warm while paying respect to one of the most famous Astronauts ever with this Neil Armstrong space suit hoodie.
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Crystal Glass USB Flash Drive
USB drives can be cute, apparently.
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Four Color Car LED Headlight Bulbs
Boslla Bullet led headlight bulb works perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather and even emergency situations.
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Rolling Dice Tower
This dice tower is a pretty amazing. Sure you can have some small fold up towers that aren't much to look at. This one is full of detail and awesomeness. You can really kick it up a notch by painting it and making it look even better.
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Grow 'n' Serve Microgreen Kits
You can eat them, admire them and breathe the healthier air. Window Garden’s innovative and attractive growing solutions take advantage of the sun’s energy so you can enjoy the power of plants year round.
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