18k Gold Diamond-Filled Pinata
The Party Animal is a solid 18k gold piƱata that rains 50 diamonds- a much better alternative to candy.
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The Flip-Shoe
Free like a flip-flop, Safe as a shoe, Link is the best of both worlds!
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The Radiation Shielding Brain Helmet
Do yourself and your family a favor.
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Men's One-Piece Thanos Swimsuit
Sun's out, Thanos out...
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Elvis Presley Hoodie
If you want to look like a guy who takes a child bride and does a life altering amount of drugs, this hoodie is for you. Go ahead, loser, it has great reviews.
Buy it at gearhuman.com

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Shoe Condoms
Reusable condoms, but for your feet. Waterproof, dirtproof, machine washable and dishwasher safe.
Buy it at firebox.com

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Back To The Future II Self-Lacing Shoe
If you've ever wanted a less convenient shoe, here's your chance. Pair it with the Nike adapt app to fine-tune the fit and customize the features from your smartphone.
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Birch Wood Bark Ring
Heavy metals are overrated.
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Relaxation Hoodie. Blackout edition. An isolation tank you can take anywhere.
We spend most of our lives plugged into tech and using downtime to push our limits. So the Relaxation Hoodie is like an isolation tank you take with you anywhere. It requires no tech and no effort. Just zip up and unplug from everything.
Buy it at vollebak.com

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Volcom Men's Recliner Leather Flip-Flops
More comfortable than your lazy boy, the recliner leather sandal from volcom features a genuine leather upper strap with faux pigskin lining.
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Ninja Flip T-Shirt
They'll never know, what hit them?
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