Ride-On T-Rex Costume
For the extreme Jurassic Park fan...
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Inflatable Pig Costume
Not really spooky, but makes a great conversation piece.
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Glow-In-The-Dark* Fisnet Stockings
*black light and Photoshop skills not included.
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Beard Lights
Basically it’s fairy lights for your beard.
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BFF Ugly Christmas Sweaters
This BFF sweater is perfect for making a colorful and fun statement at any holiday party.
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Pickle Rick Inflatable Costume
The best part of this costume is the inflating function. It comes with a small motor and fan that keeps the costume inflated while you get into all sorts of Rick and Morty style shenanigans.
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Human Hedge Costume
You're mother will slap you drop 4k on this...
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LED Predator Costume
Prey upon your success with our exclusive LED Predator suit, performed with an attention to details, inspiring awe to where you set your foot. The suit is operated by an independent controller which allows you to program quite a number of visual effects.
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Screaming Ghost Head Inside A Box
From this rustic wood box that looks empty, you can hear a music box playing along with whispers of a little girl that seems to ask “Why won’t you come and play with me?”. Once your audience is drawn closer to inspect....
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Zombie Bodysuit Halloween Costume
I guess this could be something you might decide to wear out in public for Halloween this year...
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Han Solo Carbonite Inflatable Costume
No Bargain Pah. Manga wanjee kohkpah (ooohl) Peecha wahnjee kohkpa tahng nahngee toochantkee troi
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