Batman Sleep Mask
Let Batman's bra usher in the Night...
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Batman Bat Signal Projector
Why not let people know you're a fan?
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Hero Within Coats
Mysterious, stylish and bold, the Batman Heavy Peacoat is perfect for a chilly night in Gotham. The heavier version of the Batman Light Peacoat, this version is designed with the iconic bat symbol integrated across the back. This means the bat symbol is a clever seam.
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Batman Egg Cup and Toast Cutter
He isn't the breakfast you deserve, but he is the breakfast you need, or some other horribly mangled quote, I don't know, fight me.
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Batman V. Superman $20 Silver Coins
Canada is releasing these $20 silver coins as an easy way to own a pure silver coin with a collectible value. Only 350,000 of these coins will be created.
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Joker and Henchmen Clown Masks
These Dark Knight Joker and henchmen replica masks are available in limited numbers, each mask is finished by the same artist with the same care and attention to detail. The masks are thick cast out of high quality Latex Rubber.
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Batman Moneyclip
Do you think when the Dark Knight is out fighting crime and keeping Gotham safe he has time to root around under his cape to find his wallet? And are there even pockets in that bat suit?
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Batman and Robin BFF Necklace
There is no better way to acknowledge the bromance.
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iPhone Batman Decal
The decal your iPhone deserves. This Batman decal is perfect for all fans of the Gotham City hero. Made with technology safe vinyl. Removable but not repositionable. Available for iPhone 5s, 5c, 6, and 6 Plus.
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Superhero Pillows!
Whatever flavor of hero you are in to, now you can have the accompanying pillow to drool on.
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Batman Spotlight Candle Attachments
Cast your own Batman Spotlight with this unique 3D printed candle attachment. This item makes the perfect gift for the Gotham City geek.
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