Batman Spotlight Candle Attachments
Cast your own Batman Spotlight with this unique 3D printed candle attachment. This item makes the perfect gift for the Gotham City geek.
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Batman Branding Iron
How cool would it be to burn the symbol of the Dark Knight right into your notebook or the wood headpost on your bed? Or, you know, prove your ultimate commitment to cosplay?
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The Batman Bow Tie
Bow Ties are cool.
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Batman: Arkham Origins Grapnel Launcher
Created directly from the digital files used in the creation of the Arkham Origin game comes this exact replica of Batman's signature gadget, the Grapnel Gun. If you don't have 60 billion dollars, At least you can have a toy!
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Batman Contact Lenses
I am the Batman... well, no, but at least you have some cool contact lenses for Halloween.
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Kevlar Batman Motorcycle Jacket
Let Batman's kevlar suit protect you while you ride your motorcycle. Form molded hard and soft shell visible Kevlar details. Jacket sleeves feature adjustable leather gauntlets. Removable body armor in forearms, elbow, shoulder and spine.
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Batman Macbook Sticker
Who better to protect your Macbook than the Dark Knight? The Caped Crusader Strikes again with these Batman Decals for the Macbook. The sticker has Batman's Chest insignia light up when the Apple logo is lit on your Mac Laptop.
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Voice Changing Bane Mask
Once you've shared this post with all of your friends, then you have our permission to buy. Look and sound like Bane, with this latex mask replica.
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Batman Cookie Cutter
Justice will be served. With cookies. Yup. Bruce Wayne's secret identity when he's played by Christian Bale isn't Batman. It's Cookie Monster. So it's not surprising that this Batman Logo cookie cutter exists. We assume it was created by some supervillain to lure in Batman.
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Batman Tumbler Golf Cart
Just when you think you've seen it all, some mad genius goes and creates the unimaginable, a Batman Tumbler Golf Cart. While it may not have rocket-propulsion and an array of formidable weaponry, that shouldn't diminish anything about this impressive beast.
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Batman Ice Cube Tray
Evildoers beware! The Dark Knight is always watching, whether perched on a ledge high above the city, or peering up from that innocent-looking beverage! Twelve Cavity Ice Tray That Creates Batman's Famous Bat Symbol. Become A Kitchen Superhero.
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