Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner
Set up your own cook lab at home with this Breaking Bad RV Incense Burner. See, you'll be cooking incense, not meth. That makes it okay - unless you have a roommate who's sensitive to Nag Champa.
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I Am the One Who Knocks Doormat
I am not in danger, Skyler. I am the danger. A guy opens his door and gets shot and you think that of me? No. I am the one who knocks!
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Better Call Saul Heat Changing Mug
Pay homage to the quick-thinking, slick-talking lawyer and his low-budget television commercials and shoddy print advertisements. This mug may seem a little dull at first sight, but add a hot beverage and watch his bolshie infomercial reveal itself.
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Los Pollos Hermanos Fry Batter
All the flavor of Walter White's favorite chicken without the hassle of smuggling! ...Or maybe smuggling, whatever you gotta do.
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Breaking Bad Crystal Meth Candy
Do you want to get shot? Because this is how you get shot... But seriously, this is the best version of crystal meth candy I've seen to date. Crush and snort in public for full effect.
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Breaking Bad LookaLite
Sporting the iconic yellow hazmat suit and gasmask, these chubby little bedside lamps are a sentimental celebration of Pinkman and Heisenberg in their pomp; busy in the laboratory churning out batch after batch of the good old blue stuff whilst the money rolled in.
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Breaking Bad Fleece Blanket
We love the Breaking Bad Fleece blanket. It looks like a standard New-Mexico-ish, Navajo-esque blanket. But for the fan of Breaking Bad, the Breaking Bad Fleece will have lots of meaning.
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Heisenberg Special Blue Crystal Glass Vial Pendant
The Original Heisenberg Blue Crystal Vial Pendant. Never run out again. Your very own stash of Heisenbergs special cook. In a take where ever you need it vial. (Pssst... It's rock candy)
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Breaking Bad Heisenberg Walter Action Figure
Walter White, chemistry genius turned science teacher turned kingpin, the central character of the critically acclaimed, series Breaking Bad, is now immortalized as a collectible action figure. This unforgettable figure features Walter as his alter ego of Heisenberg.
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Breaking Bad Heisenberg Hat
The Official Heisenberg Hat worn by Walter White in Breaking Bad. This American made black pork pie hat is hand-crafted of the finest quality 100% wool felt from Rambouillet sheep in Texas. Don the Heisenberg pork pie and find yourself transformed into "The Danger".
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Breaking Bad Blue Sky Snow Globe
This Blue Sky Snow Globe is a fond look back on Walt and Jesse's humble beginnings. Deep in the arid deserts of Albuquerque rests their unassuming recreational vehicle, but give the globe a shake and transform this placid scene into a blizzard of drugs, money and violence.
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