Doctor Who Tardis Cardboard Cat House
It's bigger on the inside.
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Doctor Who TARDIS Tree Topper with Light
No Whovian would willingly top their tree with an Angel - we can't spend the whole holiday season watching the tree without blinking, after all. And a star is too imprecise. Which star is it? There are so many! A TARDIS, on the other hand, makes a perfect tree topper.
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Doctor Who Coloring Book!
Doctor Who fans: if you have not yet fallen for the adult coloring book phenomenon, you're about to. We thought we should forewarn you. This Doctor Who Coloring Book is basically irresistible.
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Doctor Who TARDIS Journal
As all travelers and companions know, keeping a history is one of the most important things to maintaining sanity while exploring spacetime.
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TARDIS Light Up Lawn Decoration
This Doctor Who 3D Lighted TARDIS Lawn D├ęcor piece ships flat, but it's almost ready to go. Once you've put it together and lit it with those 50 bulbs inside it, the good doctor will know just where to land this holiday. Just as long as he's got the hang of steering down....
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Twelfth Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote Control
Another incarnation, another Gallifreyan multipurpose tool. Emerging from his predecessor's explosive regeneration on Trenzalore - we found ourselves with a brand-spanking new Doctor. TV's and Blu-ray players will bow to your every command.
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Doctor Who Weeping Angel String Lights
Ten angels. Does a set of ten angels count as a swarm? Er... it looks like the collective noun for angels is "chorus" or "choir." *twitches* That's a song you never want to hear. Multiple strings can be plugged into each other, but why would you want more?
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Ultimate Fandom Wall Clock
Gauge just how deep your friends and family are in Geekdom if they can decipher the meaning of each reference.
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Doctor Who TARDIS Projector Alarm Clock
This amazing Doctor Who TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock for fans of the hit BBC show Doctor Who projects the time and the Doctor Who logo onto your ceiling via a projector hole situated on the back. When the alarm goes off, the light flashes and it makes TARDIS sounds!
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Doctor Who Cookie Cutters
Whip up a batch of timey-wimey cookies with this set of 5 Doctor Who Cookie Cutters, which includes a TARDIS, a Cyberman, K9, Sonic Screwdriver, and Dalek design. Each comes with an integrated, spring-mounted die which imprints the design on the dough so icing them is easy.
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TARDIS Engagement Ring Box
This original one of a kind piece is made out of Baltic birch wood, carefully crafted, and painted with high quality acrylic paints. It is very sturdy and light to hold. This ring box includes a LED circuit inside that can be switched on and off.
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