Harry Potter 5-pack Panties
One day, you're ultra-brave; other days, you feel more ambitious, or like a smarty-pants, or like you'd really rather just go with the flow. But you know what they say: you can't change your Hogwarts house, but you can (and should) change your underwear!
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Dragons and Other Fantastic Creatures in Origami
Author John Montroll eases you into this epic quest by teaching you how to create a simple paper sword and shield. Next you'll fold yourself a wizard companion before tackling a myriad a mythical monsters – Sea Serpents, Griffins, Winged Lions, Dragons, Unicorns and more!
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Harry Potter Glasses Bookmark
If you're a fan of the Harry Potter series this unique Harry Potter bookmark will hit the spot. Made from laser cut metal, which is practically magic if you ask me, and then powder coated for a black protective finish that will last a life time.
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Harry Potter Coloring Book
Sure the wizarding world isn't real but a muggle can dream, right? This 96 page coloring book is full of illustrations by various artists from the actual films, back when Dobby and Hedwig were still alive.
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Butter Beer Soy Candle
You know that feeling when you're so so cold that you can literally feel it slowly freezing your insides? This candle will literally make it melt away.
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Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set
For those of you still holding on to the HP Fandom, this Wizard Chess set is nearly identical to the real thing played in the mystical world of witches and wizards. The only thing missing is the magic that makes them move. Being a muggle has it's disadvantages.
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Harry Potter Replica Wands
These replica wands of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley are handcrafted in Utica, New York and painted with care. Each wand is 12 inches in length (unless you specify a different length) and includes a card giving the wood type and its core material.
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Harry Potter Quidditch Bookmark
Your Harry Potter book without this bookmark is like Ron without Hermione, Dumbledore without his beard or Quidditch without the Snitch. Such things are just meant to be together. Made from polymer clay, acrylic paints, and metal.
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Spellbook Billfold
When you have a good book with you, you are rich. And in this book, you can keep your riches, literally. The Spellbook Wristlet is a compact tome which aims to help you convey your belongings.
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Christmas in the Great Hall Soy Candle
Take a break from studying, it's the most magical time of the year! 'Tis the season to cozy up with your buds and feast on holiday treats. This scent is perfect for relaxing during Yuletide celebrations. Smells of mistletoe, gingerbread, cinnamon and peppermint.
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Harry Potter Gym Tank Top
For when you come across those pesky muggles at the gym...
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