Minecraft Lava Lamp
It's lava. And a mood light. Some might even call it a lava lamp. But we won't, because that's confusing. Regardless, this is probably the only time you'll ever get to handle lava without taking damage (or cheat codes).
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Minecraft Vinyl Wall Graphics
Turn any room of your house into the world of Minecraft with these easy to stick and easy to remove life-size vinyl wall decals. Available in several different designs.
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Minecraft Diamond Wrapping Paper
Diamonds are a gamer's best friend. Smelting not necessary, iron pickaxe recommended.
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Minecraft Creeper Anatomy Figure
Scientist Steve(?) worked long and hard to unlock these mysteries, and he's ready to share them with the world. This 8" vinyl toy disassembles into 7 parts, giving you a detailed look at a Creeper's complex physiology.
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Minecraft Steve Head
Dress your best this Halloween. When people ask who you're supposed to be, be sure to tell them Hello my name is Steve! This Minecraft Steve Head is a great way to amaze (or confuse) your friend!
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Minecraft iPhone Decal
Ttsssssss. Stay away from things that go boom in the night. Dress up and protect your iPhone with this creative Minecraft iPhone decal. Can be easily removed and leaves no residue, do not damage surfaces 3-5 years outdoors life.
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LEGO Minecraft Micro Worlds
Minecraft has been ported to the LEGO world for even more enjoyment. Four different worlds are available: The original Micro World, The Village, The Nether, and The End. Each microworld comes with buildable Micromob characters, such as Steve, creepers, pigs, villagers, and more.
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Minecraft Creeper Hoodie
Tsssssssssss... BOOOOOM! The Creeper, a looming threat to miners everywhere. Put your friends and family through the same annoying dread that you've endured in the game with this full zip hoodie. Hissing noises and explosions to be generated by wearer.
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Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps
Minecraft CREEPS are an officially licensed Minecraft collectible edible. Like their more passive cousins, CREEPS deliver the awesome sugar-fuelled rush that parents love. It's incredibly helpful when trying to herd children into pastel-colored sweater vests or flowery dresses.
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Minecraft Wall Torch
In the Minecraft universe monsters only spawn at night, and the real world is no different. Well perhaps not Endermen, Creepers and heavily pixelated spiders etc. but the Boogieman – he's pretty real. Which is why you need to drive away the darkness with this Minecraft torch.
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Minecraft: The Unlikely Tale of M. Notch
A completely unique and in-depth look at the creator of Minecraft, Markus "Notch" Persson, and his rise from unknown computer programmer to multi-millionaire international gaming icon. Minecraft, the "virtual Lego" game Markus crafted in his free time.
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