Pokemon Umbrella!
Look up to blue skies, fluffy clouds, and a cheerful Pokemon starter parade on your rainy days with this adorable starter Pokemon umbrella! No rain? This umbrella is also a great parasol for shading you from the sun.
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Pokemon Collage Duvet
Gotta sleep with them all....
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Adventure Time & More Cartoon Character Tea Bag Hangers
Whether you want to impress guests at your next tea party or just want to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea just by yourself, this tea bags are perfect way to make a memorable time.
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Life Size Pikachu Doll
This is 100% fully hand made piece. No casts or patterns have been used. The only molds used were during the making of the eyes. I made the eyes my self. He is super soft, cuddly and fully pose-able. No animal fur or body parts have be used in making this piece.
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Pokeball Bath Bomb Set
If you want to catch them all (the bath bombs, that is!) then you can try out this set of all six Pokeball bath bombs in the Pokeball bath bomb set! You can see an example of a Pokemon you may find inside in the photo above; each pokeball is different.
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Pokemon Engagement Ring
Nothing says "I Choose You" like our Trainer's Band.
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Poke Ball Belt
Get ready to become a Pokemon Trainer! The Clip 'n' Carry Poke Ball Belt includes one adjustable belt, two Poke Balls, two 2" figures and two Attack Tags. The belt can hold up to six Poke Balls at once.
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Pikachu Coffee Cup Sleeve
Cup and Delicious coffee not included.
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Pokemon Pikachu Bed
God, this looks comfy.
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Pokemon Snorlax Bed
This is a custom made Snorlax bed for the Pokemon enthusiast.
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Pokemon 18 Inch Pikachu Plush
Think of how exhausted you would be traveling around the world. Pikachu needs a rest! Doesn't a nap sound like a good idea right now? Capture one of these Pokémon Pikachu plushes and settle in for a nice long veg session.
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