Steampunk Bird Mask
Be the dapper bird. Steampunk plague doctor mask made of 5-6 veg tan leather with cold cast aluminum eyepieces and beak. Steel dome rivets and buckles complete the look. This mask is all hand-stitched with waxed thread.
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Nixie Tube Watch
A great addition to your Steam punk attire. The body of the watch milled, handmade is made in three pieces: two ergal 7075 aluminium and brass. The electronics are made with the controller atmega8a and two Nixie indicators IN-16.
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Steampunk Kerosene Lighter
If you're into starting fires and the steampunk aesthetic, then this lighter is probably blowing your mind right now. Made from solid metal, and the wick, flint, and fuel can all be refilled, so this lighter should last you a good long while.
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Cyberpunk Headpieces
Very easy and comfortable to wear as it doesn't block visuals but still gives a sense of wearing some kind of tech or jewellery over the face and eye. A very stylish and ergonomic face adornment with a side mounted super bright, high quality LED.
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Steampunk Keyboard
Elegantly constructed with a polished brass frame, the Marquis Keyboard reflects the majesty of its name-sake. A delicate acanthus-leaf engraving shines brilliantly against the textured background of the chaise-lounge inspired frame.
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Steampunk NERF Gun
This weapon is made to look like rustic metal, complete with steel fitting and finished with tattered leather to give it a truly antique feel. In complete working order, perfect for cosplay, costumes or just to have the BEST weapon in a Nerf fight!
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Devon Steampunk Limited Edition Watch
This might be the steampunkiest watch we've ever seen. It uses several tiny motors to drive belts for the hours, minutes, and seconds indicators. The motors are powered by a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, and the battery is recharged by induction charging.
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Steampunk Wall Clock
This wall clock will be a unique accent in your space, perfect for man cave. The clock face is painted with a craquelure effect special paint that makes it even more unique and stylish.
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Steampunk Guinea Leather Winged Armour
Need some custom leather for your Steampunk pet? You're in luck...
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Steampunk Flip-Top Watch Cuffs
Just when you thought steampunk accessories couldn’t get any cooler, we raised the bar on awesome. This flip-top Steampunk watch cuff is simply mind-blowing. There is nothing else like it on the market: custom-designed, custom-built, and hand-assembled.
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Steampunk Bicycle Playing Cards
As if forged from a single brick of bronze, Steampunk Playing Cards are durable and remarkably detailed, inside and out.
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