Trade Coffee
Answer a few easy questions about how you take your coffee. Order individually or let us select new coffees for you with a personalized subscription. Your coffee will roast once you order it and ship directly from the roaster.
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Wine Lip Scrub
If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the fucking rain, this is not for you. If you like sittin pretty with some delicious fucking vino, THIS is for you.
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Sink Or Shoot Drinking Game
Play against a friend or in teams of two to track down your opponent’s shot glass-laden “ships”. Every time you guess a coordinate correctly, they drink! Great to play outdoors or inside for a quick dose of grown-up nostalgia.
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Pre-Prohibition Whiskey Auction
Just in time for your Christmas party!
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Melting Hot Chocolate Filled Snowman
Melt snowman in a pot of milk for delicious hot cocoa, you monster.
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Yaupon Tea - The Only Caffeine Native to the U.S.
Yaupon (YO-pawn) is naturally caffeinated. It's also rich in the related stimulant theobromine (from Greek "food of the gods"), the pleasure molecule familiar to lovers of dark chocolate. The ratio gives yaupon its focused, jitter-free buzz.
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Edible Fragrance
Accidentally wafting some of your perfume into your mouth is no longer a bad experience, thanks to these stupidly delicious Lick Your Scent edible fragrances.
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Alcoholic Cocktail Gummies
Each one has a 7% ABV for a subtle kick (equivalent of ½ a shot of booze).
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Hot Chocolate Bombes
Powdered hot chocolate? Whatever you say, Grandma. There’s a new hot chocolate format on the scene and once you try it, you’ll never go back to Options.
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Petschke Pick Bourbon Barrel Toothpicks
Petschke Pick Toothpicks are handmade from used American White Oak Bourbon Barrels.
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Dollar Tea Club
Discover three exotic new blends for $1.00/mo. Shipping is almost $5, so you know... that's how they get you.
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