Amish Country Microwave Popcorn on the Cob
Right when the mail man drops this off, you can take it out, throw it in the microwave, and you'll be eating popcorn within minutes!
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KEGO Mobile Kegerator
Simply put, KEGO is a mobile kegerator. Nay, THE mobile kegerator. It serves a keg with your favorite beverage, it can go anywhere the party is, thus ... keg+go = KEGO.
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Absinthe Making Kit
Transform ordinary neutral-grained alcohol into your very own green fairy in a bottle.
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Middle Finger Cookie Cutter
Food grade fck off plastics.
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Olive Wood Steak Plate
Board for grilled meats and all kinds of food, such as fish, vegetables, etc. Our barbecue plate is totally designed so that its use is great and very practical. We have made a channel for it, so that the juices do not mix with each other, in total it has 4 different spaces.
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Oaxacan Green Dent Corn
This gorgeous heirloom has been grown by the Zapotec Indians in Oaxaca, Mexico for centuries. The blue-green kernels range from sage to malachite. Oaxacan Green makes a spectacular ornamental and it also turns into wonderful flour. Green tortillas!
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Freeze Dried Tootsie Rolls
Freeze drying changed the texture of these old fashioned candies from chewy to a very hard crunch, similar to brittle candy.
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T-Rex Skull Hard Boiled Egg Mold
Genuine Fred's Egg-a-Matic egg molds provide an entertaining visual that help even the fussiest eaters make it though a meal.
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Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwiches
When you freeze-dry Ice cream you are left with a creamy , melt in you mouth , crisp bite of pure joy. Ice cream is a favorite. We use only premium Ice Cream Sandwich.
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Session Goods Discreet Bongs
From the tapered form and the angled mouthpiece, to the way it feels in your hands to the sound it makes when you set it down, this designer bong is meant to seamlessly fit into your life and your home.
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Tasty Adulting Cookbook
First, this book walks you through the foundations of cooking and builds up your kitchen confidence and know-how. Then, 75 fun, quick, and totally doable recipes meet you exactly where you are, allowing you to make mistakes, aencouraging you to try new techniques.
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