Dutchman's Buttery Coconut Oil for Popcorn
Every night could be movie night. Think of all the popcorn....
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Chocolate Vagina Lollipops
Comes in plain milk, white or dark chocolate, or any colour of your choice. The dark chocolate option is vegan.
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Saturday Morning Cartoons Candle
This delicious fruity cereal smelling candle is the epitome of a 90’s baby’s nostalgic dream. SNIFFF ITTTTTT
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Lucky Charms Ice Cream
Just my luck, I can't find it for sale anywhere.
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Freeze Dried Skittles
The Freeze-drying process completely changes the texture from stick-to-your-teeth-chewy, to light & crunchy, and bursting with flavor!
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30 Day Emergency Food Supply
330 Total Servings of Delicious Food. Chef's Banquet has the Best Value in Emergency Food Supply.
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90s Retro Candy
So many nums you never forgot about because they are still for sale to this day and nothing has changed!
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Edible Black Ants
This packet is filled to the brim with hundreds of tiny black ants—enough to complete a dare and then go back for a snack. These itty-bitty insects have a crunchy consistency and a surprising citrus zing due to their natural acids.
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Jelly Belly Extreme BeanBoozled Gift Box
No safety nets. No good flavors. No relief.
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Rainbow Pancake Baking Kit
Gay pancakes simply taste better!
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What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner
If dinnertime has you cursing up a storm, this cookbook of 50 profane and delicious dishes will get you off your indecisive a** and into the f*@#ing kitchen!
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