Twinkies Cereal
Twinkies Cereal replicates the distinctive taste and familiar oblong shape of the golden-colored snack cake, delivering delightful sweetness in every bite. Twinkies fans can find the new cereal on grocery store shelves nationwide starting in late December.
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Turkey Shaped Butter Sculpture
Family and friends will love Keller’s Creamery Turkey Shaped Butter at your Thanksgiving Dinner. Use the butter as a tasty, creamy accompaniment on bread rolls and many other Thanksgiving dishes.
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Casual Green Holiday Sweater
This year you’ll be setting ranch out for Old St. Nick.
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Edible Spray Paint
It's that time of year again...
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Edible Asian Forest Scorpion
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. The Heterometrus Longimanus Scorpions are common to most parts of Thailand and S.E. Asia and are a delicacy to those who live in the north-east of Thailand and S.E. Asia region. They are one of the few edible species.
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Pepperoni Pizza Slice Blanket
Pizza isn't just a food, it's a lifestyle, and you can live it properly with the Silver Lilly Pizza Blanket. Between the all-over pepperoni print and the plush crust, you'll feel just like you're wrapped in your favorite slice...just without the mess.
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Magic Milk Flavored Straws
Turtles love them, too!
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Personalized Chocolate Boxes
Say what you need to in a sweet way...
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Gourmet Tinned Octopus
Portugal would like to introduce you to octopus in a can... Felicidades.
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Cooking Essentials Travel Kit
If you love cooking and traveling you'll want to check out our convenient cooking essentials kits. We aren't saying you can totally skip the grocery store, but we can promise that you will save money and time by bringing along our thoughtful, quality items in just the right size.
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Blue Cheese Lollipops
Of all our mind-blowing flavors, we're going to go ahead and say that this is the mind-blowingest. It started off as a joke. We were all scared to try it. Allegedly it's good.
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