Wall Mounted Cat House
You're gonna need more cats!
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Cat Starter Kit
What else are you doing right now? Might as well do it with a cat.
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Kurgo No-Spill Travel Dog Water Bowl
No spill dog bowl: tapered lip helps reduce splashing while travelling and keeps kibble/water off car floor; unique wedge design ensures that pet water bowl lays flat on car seat
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Dog Bathrobe
This kind of pet dog bath robe is very absorbent and thirty, making drying your pet easy.
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Modular Cat House
Wood and sheepskin. Cats love it.
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Recompose Human Body Composting Service
Recompose offers an alternative choice to cremation and conventional burial methods. Our service - recomposition - gently converts human remains into soil, so that we can nourish new life after we die.
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To Be Announced

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The Dog House Sofa
Between humans’ and pets’ residential space, “furniture” took the largest and the most important position. This “Dog House Sofa” is a tool to communicate and share feeling between human and pet.
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To Be Announced

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Felted Cat Head Cat Bed
Cozy cats are happy cats.
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Dog Overalls
Your dog will thank you. He's wanted pants for a while, now.
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Chunky Crochet Cat Bed
The chunky crochet cat bed natural grey is an eco-friendly, beautiful and comfortable place for your cat to relax in. You may experience a mild cat frenzy when introducing the bed: many cats are drawn to natural wool like catnip!
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Murphy Style Dog Bed
Treat your dog right. Bonus points if your dogs name is Murphy.
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