Flydoo Steerable Personal Hot Air Balloon
The first and only light sport balloon designed from the ground up with built-in versatility: ride with your gear to the nearest take off spot, float & fly freely in the sky, and ride back home once landed exactly where you decided thanks to FlyDOO's unique steering capacity!
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EXOvault Mouse
The EXOvault Mouse is a high-performance, wireless Bluetooth computer mouse precision machined from aerospace grade 6061 aluminum and premium hardwood that has been designed to provide a more beautiful user experience.
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Skull Scissors
Shear terror - Skull Scissors are the shockingly sharp cranial clippers with a classy brass finish.
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Toilet Paper Blaster Rifle
Holy Sheets! Toilet Paper Blaster fires toilet paper up to 30 feet! Transforms Toilet Paper into clean Spitballs: Uses water not spit! Easy clean up! Bio-degradable! Does not stain (No Skid Marks!) Uses regular Toilet Paper: 2-Ply works best to Wipe-Out the Competition!
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Bristl Phototherapy Electric Toothbrush
Bristl is a next-generation electric toothbrush designed to improve your overall oral health. With Bristl, you'll do more than just brush. You'll reduce bacteria that causes gingivitis (and periodontitis), naturally, and better your gum health.
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The Floating Backpack
Reduce impact forces of walking or running by up to 86% with one of the biggest backpack innovations in decades!
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NERF Rival Prometheus MXVII-20K Blaster
Experience the intensity of this Nerf Rival blaster that features the Advanced Acceleration System to unleash up to 8 rounds per second!
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Foam Grenade Soft Bullet Launcher
Bomb Range: Range of about 6 meters, could be used with Nerf CS shootings tactics to increase the game fun.
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Shiftpod Recreation & Survival Shelters
Shiftpods for when times are rough and resources are limited.
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ZipStitch - Close Wounds Without Stitches
the only surgical-quality wound closure device available without a prescription. ZipStitch enables you to treat cuts with hospital-grade technology, when you can’t get to an ER for stitches.
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Recycled Firefighter The Chief Everyday Carry Backpack
Made from repurposed firefighter coats and pants and may be different than the picture above. Every bag is completely unique and may include pockets, striping, letters, numbers, snaps, and other features that are a part of a firefighter's bunker gear.
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