Swing Blades
You don't need these, nobody does... they do look cool though.
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MRBG - Metal Rubber Band Gun Reloaded
With a 30' range, this sucker should be taken seriously, lest you get snapped.
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The Red Herring Secret Safe
Hopefully there are no criminal electricians out there...
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Llama Shaped Pepper Spray
This cute llama-shaped pepper spray that SPITS to PROTECT. Like a real llama, when the red tab is pressed down, this "llama" will spit out pepper spray defending you!
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Case Astronaut Knife M-1
The Case Astronaut Knife M-1 was designed for the astronauts of Apollo 11 back in the 1960's.
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Edible Chocolate Pistol
Do you want to get diabetes? Because this is how you get diabetes.
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British Military Surplus Blast Shorts With Kevlar, Like New
When you're in the heat of battle, these British Military Surplus Blast Shorts will keep you and future generations safe from dangerous blows. Features Kevlar inserts for ballistic protection.
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BolaWrap 100 Handheld Remote Restraint Device
The BolaWrap™ 100 is a hand-held remote restraint device that discharges an eight-foot bola style Kevlar® tether at 640 feet per second to entangle an individual at a range of 10-25 feet.
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To Be Announced

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CRKT Provoke Mini Karambit
The Provoke knife draws on ancient karambit design but it’s hiding a futuristic secret. The first knife ever to feature Kinematic™ technology, it stays neatly tucked away in transit and comes to life when there’s trouble afoot.
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The Snowball Firing Bow
The Snow Crossbow launches softball sized snowballs amazingly far, allowing for rapid long range assaults during neighborhood snowball fights.
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Tactical Pocket Sand
The BEST personal self defense option* made popular by king of the hill is now being made available to the public! Pocket sand is adaptable to ANY environment or situation and is legal in all 50 states without any special licensing or training.
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