Rhino Rack Wraparound Car Awning
Our easy-to-use design means the Batwing can be set up or packed away within minutes. Everything you need is included: poles, ropes, pegs, plus a fitting kit to help you mount the awning to your roof rack. When not in use, simply store the awning away in its heavy-duty PVC bag.
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Atwood Rope MFG Micro Cord Dispenser
When you need a cord with superior strength at any time, this comes perfectly handy. This product is great for backpacking, camping, DIY, crafting, bush-craft, gardening, and so much more.
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Companion Emergency Survival System
Designed to sustain two people during the first 72 hours of any emergency. Adaptable, compact, and ready when you need it most.
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Rootless Portable Steel Mesh Fire Pit
Lightweight and portable, this fire pit features a rollable stainless steel net and folding legs - perfect for camping, picnics and other adventures.
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Forj Thermoplastic Tape Ribbon
FORJ Forj, is a high strength, lightweight plastic ribbon that molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. Simply heat, press and repeat to form the plastic into any desired shape. Once cooled, the self-bonding plastic hardens, creating a bond as strong as steel.
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Snowfeet Mini Skis
A combination of skis and skates, that brings the thrill of skating to the slopes! Snowfeet attach right to your winter shoes or snowboard boots. They fit in a backpack, so you can take them anywhere.
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Kijaro Kubie Multi-Use Outdoor Blanket
The Kubie can be configured into 8 different uses including: insulated poncho, ground cover, sleeping bag, pillow, hammock, hammock liner, under quilt, and shade canopy
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The Floating Backpack
Reduce impact forces of walking or running by up to 86% with one of the biggest backpack innovations in decades!
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Shiftpod Recreation & Survival Shelters
Shiftpods for when times are rough and resources are limited.
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Goal Zero Solar Powered Briefcase
the Boulder 100 Briefcase totals 100 watts of highly-efficient monocrystalline solar cells in an easily packable form. Its rigid aluminum frame makes it lightweight yet tough, making it ideal for camping, emergency, or off-grid scenarios.
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Nube Hammock Shelter
The most complete hammock shelter ever imagined, it's elevated patent pending design is engineered to protect you and your gear.
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