The Transparent Speaker
Custom designed transparent speaker from Sweden's People People. Features minimalist transparent design that blends effortlessly into any setting with powered USB socket for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.
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Rugged Solar Powered Speaker
These highly portable, solar charging, IP67 water/dustproof, shockproof, daisy-chaining, bike/surf/sky-mountable bluetooth speakers take rugged sound to a whole new level: one that will impress adventurers & audiophiles alike.
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The Record Runner
The Record Runner is a hand built, self-contained record player, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Just place it on any 33 1/3 rpm vinyl record and listen to it play your favorite records.
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Online Piano Lessons for Everyone
Have you ever wanted to play the piano? Lots of people do, and lots of people start, but too many of them don't keep going. Why? Music lessons can be expensive and inconvenient, and not fun. The online Hoffman Academy lessons change all that. They're cheap, fun, and effective.
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Gramovox - Vinyl Gone Vertical
A high-performance turntable that plays your records vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers. Get ready to spin vinyl right out of the box.
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Wooden Boomboxes
What do you get when you combine bluetooth wireless speakers, artist-designed boxes, laser-engraved mahogany and a ridiculously smooth sound? These.
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Spire For iPhone
The Spire 4-track recorder is like having an audio engineer in your pocket. Spire automatically adds professional polish to your recordings, so you can record, mix, and share great-sounding audio from anywhere.

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Jamstik+ Smart Guitar
The jamstik+ connects via Bluetooth LE to your iPad, iPhone, or Mac so you can play guitar with any of the 100's of compatible MIDI apps available. Our jamTutor App will have you playing chords in minutes. After that, you'll be playing guitar for years.
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US Quarter Guitar Pick
How much could a guitar pick cost, $10?
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Roadie Tuner Automatic Guitar Tuner
Welcome to the future, where your guitar tunes itself to the perfect pitch. Tuning with Roadie is three times more accurate than the average human ear. Even in noisy environments, switch on noise cancellation and let Roadie deliver its perfect, crisp tuning.
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Firestix Light-Up Drumsticks
Are you a terrible drummer? Stick out even more with these light up drumsticks. People will definitely overlook your lack of rhythm and focus purely on your drum sticks.
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